Monday, March 17, 2014

Entry 229: AMNIA CYCLE pages 55-56

I have lived with stories in my head for so long. I have stories in my head that I continually revisit, re consider, and tighten up, with the idea that someday I will get them out of my head and in a comic. And many of these stories have lived in my head for many many years. But with Amnia Cycle I'm learning how great it is to get ideas out of my head.

I'll just take this scene for instance. I've known for a while that Zarco and his crew would encounter something/someone at this point in the story. I went through a lot of different versions of this scene in my head. I thought through each different version to see where it would lead. I thought about how each version would effect the rhythm and tone of the story. And just basically did problem solving. But my point is that it's done! I'm done with this scene. I lived with it in  my head for a while and then I kicked it out of there, making room for new scenes.

For someone who has lived for so long with stories, stories that are piling up and cluttering my head, it's such a relief to be getting something out. It makes me realize how good it would feel to get all of these stories out.

I gotta do it, and I see now that it is possible.

I'll point out that some of these ship designs a similar to ships I drew in some sample pages back in the year 2000. You can find those pages in this Blast From The Past Entry.

See, even some ship designs from that long ago now have a place to live here in Amnia Cycle.

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