Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Entry 228: SHUTTER #1 Variant Cover

"This doesn't look like an Amnia Cycle page! It also doesn't look like S.H.I.E.L.D. or Avengers or The Inhumans. WHAT IS THIS IMAGE I'M SEEING?" you are probably asking yourself right now! Well ask the part of your brain that knows how to read and then look at the picture again. Did you get it that time? That's right! This is a cover for a new comic from IMAGE called SHUTTER!

Keep reading for more info and my preliminary sketches for this.

Shutter is a new Image comic that comes out April 9th written By Joe Keatinge and Drawn By Leila Del Duca.

Joe asked me if I would do a variant cover for the first issue and it seemed like a fun opportunity to do something different. I also really enjoy the opportunity to color my own work which I haven't done much of for Marvel.

If you guys want to get this book you should preorder it.
Here’s a link to a hi-res PDF of the pre-order to print out and take to your local comic book shop so they can get it in by the deadline of MARCH 17th (in stores April 9th!).

Emma Rios and Brandon Graham are also doing variant covers. I've seen Emma's and it's really good. I haven't seen Brandon's yet but I'm sure it will be supper cool.

Here is some process stuff for this image.
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