Amnia Cycle

Amnia Cycle began on my blog. I posted a couple pages each week and then collected them all on this page. In 2017 I edited this comic, rewrote some of it, and published it in my creator owned comic series PAKLIS. I encourage you to pick up PAKLIS and read this story there, not just because buying my comics will help me continue to make them, but also because it's a better version. PAKLIS is also an anthology where I include other stories. If you like this, then you'll probably like the rest of it. Also, I'd encourage you to pick the issues up in print. Amnia Cycle is drawn on paper in a very raw way and it just looks right on paper.
I'm leaving this version here for now and I hope you enjoy it and want to continue reading. You'll find it's continuation in PAKLIS. Thanks.


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