Monday, March 24, 2014

Entry 230: AMNIA CYCLE pages 57-58

Chapter 3

Recently Marvel sent me a copy of the big hard cover collection of Infinity. (It's a very pretty book, I have to say.) In the book there are short bio's of each of the creators that name some of their past works and I was excited to see that Amnia Cycle was mentioned. 

They probably just referenced my bio on the Periscope Studio sight, which I think mentions Amnia Cycle, but whatever, it was still cool to see my webcomic get mentioned in the big Marvel crossover book. 

Speaking of Periscope Studio, I know I almost never mention it, but I'm a member and I have been for like 5 years now. (That's crazy to think about) Anyway, all of that changes very soon. 

Me and my buddies, Ben Bates and Jeremy Barlow are starting our own studio. Ben, you'll know as my collaborator on the Bebop and Rocksteady comic, and Jeremy you'll know as my collaborator on They'll Bury You Where You Stand!

It's very exciting. I've wanted to create a studio like this since before I joined Periscope. 

Anyway, we're going to need a studio name… I think. We'll see how that goes.

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  1. Congratulations on your impending new studio.
    I'm noticing a particular hirsute-ness to a lot of the people in this galaxy. I like to imagine that in the future, between interstellar flight and finding a common enemy to war against and unite mankind has found a way to cure hair loss. More of Commander Dye's crew, their boots are looking slick.

    1. Ha! Yeah, hair style is a great tag for characters. (A "tag" being a visual design element that helps you easily identify that character.) In super hero comics the tags are in the costumes. Hair tags seem to be a manga thing. Tezuca always gave his characters really distinct hair. Tintin has a great hair tag. But yeah, hair and facial hair are important in the Amnia universe.
      I will point out that there are a few hairless characters. Braeburn has no hair. His helmet thing is a kind of rubbery keratin, like a finger nail, that his species grows instead of hair. Also Amnia is hairless.