Monday, November 4, 2013

Entry 202: AMNIA CYCLE pages 23,24,&25

Amnia Cycle is BACK with 3 pages!

This is the beginning of chapter 2. I'm still flying by the seat of my pants with this story. Drawing it fast and discovering each scene as I go.

So here you go...

If you haven't read pages 1-22
Then DO

So, when I say that I'm making this story up as I go, it's true, but it's also not true. For instance, I had had this scene where Zarco is talking to Zoltan in mind since about 10 pages ago. I didn't know exactly how it would play out, so I got to discover it as I drew it. Out of that came Byzner. Honestly, I didn't know Zarco had a kind of rival until I was drawing them looking at one another in passing. How it plays out, I don't know. I can see a lot of different ways it could play out, we'll see what is the most interesting to me when I get there.

That's kind of how I'm doing this.

I do want to point out, I don't know the first thing about military chain of commands and rankings. Making this up as I go along means I'm not really doing any research into this stuff. I also don't think with the story I'm telling it's important at all... Maybe I don't need to be saying this.

Anyway, till next week.
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  1. That Byzner looks like a real son of a bitch.

    Let me ask you this, do you have any plans to reveal that all the main characters were friends when they were kids?

    1. I'll address the Byzner comment somewhat seriously-- ...yes. Yes he does.

      And as for the friends question-- I'm actually going to reveal that Tara was a genius when she was a kid and created a clone of her dead father but the clone was a mean version of her father and he's Zoltan. At some point she got amnesia and remembers none of this. We'll learn that Zarco's real name is Mortimer when his mom shows up and embarrasses him. We'll also learn that Zarco's mom used to be in love with Tara's real dad. Small universe right?

  2. Also, really important so get back to me on this right away, is Zoltan Zarco's father?

    1. Zoltan knows that he sired a son, but he doesn't know who. It's ether Zarco or Byzner. There are going to be a lot of arguments concerning this, probably over breakfast.

    2. Also, I hope I got that answer back to you quick enough. I know how important it was.

  3. I love this. Is that a civilian audience watching the battle from a (barely) safe distance?

    Also, following up on Ben's question—Is Byzner Zoltan's father in addition to being his maybe son? Byzner's hair is white, so he has to be!

    Also, will Tara's memory return when she gets bonked on the head a second time?

    Also, what radio station is Nilka listening to? At first I assumed it'd be one of those "Charlie" mixed format stations, where they play *all* the hits, but she seems pretty annoyed at being interrupted, like she's being asked to leave before her show's over. A ship that size probably has satellite radio free for all crew members, so she might be listening to Dr. Laura. I can't figure it out!

    1. A.-- Some of them could be civilians, but most of them work on the carrier and are probably in the military.
      B.-- We'll see. I don't want to spoil everything. I'll just say that his hair ain't white for no reason.
      C.-- To be clear, Tara only forgot that she is a genius. Everything els she remembers. Now does she ever remember that she is a genius? Maybe, but will it be soon enough to save the day? Stay tuned.
      D.-- Nilka's headphones aren't plugged in.

  4. I think it's cool to hear about what your process is like as the story comes to you. I think it adds to the experience. Like how you made up Byzner on the spot. With just a couple panels you've introduced a whole new character and implied his background and relationship to the other characters. That's got to be pretty satisfying.

    Things feel like they're settling in with the strip... and that could be good or bad. (It might not feel that way to you, because when you're making up a strip on the spot every page is a minor miracle). I'm waiting for the next big surprise.

    1. Yeah, I know I'm taking it down a notch with this scene. But, it was only a few pages ago that I did the whole transmission thing immediately followed by the "light wave" thing. I don't feel that bad about taking it down a notch for a few pages to develop some other things. I'll get back to Tara's adventures into mystery soon enough, but now I'm setting up the possibilities for Nilka and Zarco's adventures into mystery, and Byzner's adventures into mystery. You think I'd send Byzner back to the place where the Plinius was dug up without having something in mind for him to find there? (Behind the scenes info-- I have a couple of ideas for what he might find there. What they mean and how they might fit into the bigger picture, I'm not sure.)