Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Entry 203: AMNIA CYCLE pages 26-27

Hi, everybody!

I got AMNIA pages for you. Wanna see em?

So, this one is a little different. Obviously it's a flashback. I wanted to do something with a very different feeling. There are no big surprises plot wise, in fact, I am in no way furthering the plot-- just taking a moment to learn a little about where Tara comes from.

After this, things get a little more exciting.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. This installment WAS a surprise. Great Job! Between this and your Rocksteady and Beebop comic you're turning out some great characterization. I especially like that shot of young Tara on the second to last panel.

    Don't know what you consider to be exciting story wise- for me it's not stuff like guns or explosions (which usually aren't that exciting anyway), for me it's seeing the unexpected- this qualifies.

    1. Oh you know, I gotta be self conscious about this stuff for one reason or another. But thanks.
      Now, for next weeks installment, I get to be self conscious about the fact that it's got guns and explosions.
      I did draw some pages the other night that I'll be excited for you to see. I've dusted off an idea I had in high school. You'll know it when you see it, I think.

    2. No, guns and explosions are not allowed. How do you expect to make TRUE ART that way? Also, more true-to-life realism and Chris Ware diagrams, and when are we going to learn about Tara's cat?

    3. Dude, I think you are really going to love the scene that I have in the next chapter where Tara struggles to assemble a piece of furniture. It's like, she's a space adventurer but she has real problems too. It's going to be 20 pages long. And throughout that whole chapter I'm going to riff on the diagram thing. You know like it will look like how-to instructions for assembling furniture. I got the idea when I saw instructions for how to assemble furniture and I was like, "this is like what Chris Ware does."
      So yeah, when I have my Eisner Award then we'll see who makes "true art" around here.

  2. Yeah! I like the change of pace and scenery—even though the art room is grounded and almost primitive by the tech standards you've already set, it makes the story seem more exotic somehow. I want to know more about Myron now, too. Is that *his* room?

    1. Cool! Thanks, man. I honestly don't think I'll ever return to things from this scene… actually, you never know. Maybe Myron is somebody who could come into play. I wouldn't rule it out.