Friday, November 1, 2013

Entry 201: B&R and Infinity #5 are out!

Did you get this on this past Wednesday (10/30/13)?

How bout this?
That's right. It's one of the rare double DW release weeks.

If you did get one of these, GREAT! You are probably a good, worthwhile person. You're now here reading this, which means you are likely pretty smart and cool.

If you got both of these though! You are one of the special people. The chosen few who exist on a separate, more awesome, level than the rest of the world.

If you didn't get ether? It's cool. Money is tight right?... You're trade waiting. I get it. I do that too.

At any rate, I gotta tell you it feels really good to have mine and Ben Bates's Bebop and Rocksteady comic in my hands. Other than the fact that they are licensed, existing characters, this comic is the first comic I've created where what is being said is what I wanted to say. Comics are a storytelling medium, and so far, I've mostly just been telling other peoples stories. Sure there is an art to telling a story, and you can make it your own, in ways. But the intention of it belongs to someone else... many times the intention belongs to no one, because the story only exists out of the necessity for having a product. So it feels really good to have something that is what I intended it to be. It's point is what I wanted for it.

All the reviews for Bebop and Rocksteady have been pretty good. I know there is a lot of nostalgia for these characters, and there is a lot of expectation. Doing right by these characters was our number one priority. I'm glad a lot of people are pleased.

I have a lot more to say about this comic. I'll be doing a big entry all about it. I've got a lot of extra material on it. It will be fun.

In other news: I'm late on putting up a new Amnia Cycle. I'm under a really tight deadline right now and I won't be able to put the finishing touches on the pages for a few more days.

Here's a look at one of the panels.

What else can I tell you?

If you're not checking it out, you should check out my Tumblr. I'm always throwing stuff on there. Some times I even have a little something to say about it sometimes.
Here's the link

And you can check out my Tumblr for things I like. Lot's of stuff there too.

And I'll leave you with one more page from Infinty #5. As always, on Infinity, colors by Justin Ponsor.


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  1. Congrats on Bebop and Rocksteady Dustin! Gotta believe the experience was rewarding yet challenging as well.
    Infinity #5 continued to satisfy my cosmic hunger...and while I LOVE Jerome's work, i think your pages edged out his in conveying the major story beats and events for the issue :) Well executed series!
    Love Thane's costume btw...did you have a hand in the design? Any hints on your next big project??? Inquiring minds want to know

    1. Thanks for the kind words about Infinity. I think Jerome is, in many ways, a superior illustrator to me, but I've read a lot of comments saying that the sections of the story that I've drawn are more engaging. I think people think that it's because they care more about Thanos than they care about the builders, or that my sections of the story are somehow written better. It seems like I see fewer people to put forth the idea that I just tell story well.
      Thane's costume was designed by Jerome.
      And as for my next big project-- I'll be letting you know that as soon as I can. I will say that I have turned down some big projects. I'm kind of interested in something a little smaller in profile, where I could possible have a hand in the writing… I'll let you know how that goes as soon as I can.

  2. Hey Dustin- meant no disrespect on my comments to you if that's how they came across. Your point about the skill of storytelling is something I'm coming to learn more and more about as an older comic book reader. My younger days I had no clue about panel design, perspective, etc.. as I read and listen more about the artist process and mindset (like your blog and podcast with Pat Loika), I can learn to appreciate the nuances in the books I read. It's like a fresh experience actually, even though I been a comic fan for over 30+ years. :)

    1. Oh, I didn't take any offense to what you had said. I really appreciated the comments. Sometimes, I'm just thinking out loud in these comment threads.
      I will say that I think it's really great that you are learning more about the craft of comics from this blog or anything else I'm putting out. I love comics as an art form and I think that there are great rewards for aquiring an appreciation for the craft of comics.
      I'm curious now-- what has your comics reading history been? What books have you really liked? What attracts you to a series?
      You don't really need to answer if you don't want to. I'll understand.
      Thanks, ether way:)

    2. Dustin- In elementary school it was all about Xmen and Teen Titans for me. Uncanny Xmen #162 was the first issue i bought and read..Claremont and Cockrum ushering the epic Brood adventures..followed then by Paul Smith. From there it was grabbing back issues as far as i could afford, especially the Byrne run. The Wolfman/Perez run with Teen Titans was also one of my favorites at the time and I liked the stability of creative teams staying together for longer runs on these books. Then like many it was all about Homage studios and Jim Lee and Whilce Portacio..following the artists more than the writers i guess...after abandoning the comic scene in the mid 1990s because of the Hollywood influx, i just got back into the scene a few years ago..and now Im back to following writers like Snyder, Hickman, Remender and Fraction. I think Hickman's long story style appeals to me because it reminds me of those great Xmen days.. :) but honestly there is so much available for all types of readers now. Good times for the industry!

    3. Yeah! I think it is a good time for the industry in that way.
      I definitely identify with whole abandoning comics in the mid 90's. I too seemed to loos interest in main stream comics. For me though, I had invested so much into wanting to make comics that I couldn't give up on them. I found myself turning to comics just a little outside of the mainstream and eventually I was on a completely different path as far as where my interests were.
      So, with the writers you mentioned, are you picking up their creator owned stuff as well?

    4. Funny you mention about finding interests with material not from the Big 2..I got into the indy publishers like First Comics(Dynamo Joe), Pacific Comics (Alien Worlds 3D and Groo), Comico (Mage/Grendel) and that helped to open my eyes on comic books creative potential..and they added so much energy and variety to the marketplace at the time.
      As for the current, I love The Wake, waiting for East to West in a completed tbp or HC (Hickman's stuff is so rich and's just easier for me to comprehend and appreciate it this way)...., digging Velvet by Brubaker/Epting and really loved the debut issue of Black Science. Probably gonna lead me to get the Fear Agent Omnibuses (or is it Omnibi??)
      Not sure if your schedule allows it, but what indy stuff do you follow or perhaps looking forward to coming out?

    5. I gotta be honest. I'm primarily a manga reader. I also read some alternative "art" comics and occasionally some European comics. I try to always be open to new things to read, but mainstream and "creator owned mainstream" are becoming harder and harder sells for me.

  3. Great work as usual. I hope that you have other projects in Marvel that you'll be working on in the near future. In a recent interview at CBR, it was mentioned that you'll be doing some pages for Infinity #6. If it's true, care to give us a hint or maybe a small preview? Anyways, your artwork has been one of my favorite things about 'Infinity'... and not just because of Thanos and his generals. You and Opena did some truly fantastic work.

    Best wishes on your next projects!


    1. Yeah. I did do 5 pages in Infinity #6. The issue is huge. Jim Cheung did a great job throughout the book. It came down to the wire and they needed someone to fill in. I didn't want the job to go out of the "Infinity creative family" so I made it work. I'm sure I'll have some things to say about it when it's out.
      I actually went straight from that into doing 5 pages on an Inhumanity issue where I was drawing flash back material from Infinity. Both jobs were under tight deadlines. It was a crazy couple of weeks.
      I'm working on some covers right now that I think everyone is going to like… I'm really excited about these covers. You'll see why. And as for my next project, I'm pushing really hard to get them to let me finally finish Shield, but they are wanting me on another "important" arc… I'm thinking some things over.

    2. "...but they are wanting me on another "important" arc..."

      Yes! Yes! Yes! :D