Sunday, October 27, 2013

Entry 200: BEBOP & ROCKSTEADY Preview!

"...and you will be reborn as the mutants... Bebop and Rocksteady!"

That's right, you little creeps. This Wednesday 10-30-13 mine and Ben Bates's Bebop And Rocksteady issue hits the stands and I've got a 7 PAGE PREVIEW for you!

Here you go...

This was drawn by my good buddy, Ben Bates. I did do some background assistance throughout the issue and I colored about 6 pages. Ben did an amazing job of bringing these characters to life and I think he stepped up his game on every level in this book. I'm really proud of it.

This comic was an intense undertaking. Later, after this has come out and you've had a chance to read it and experience it on it's own terms, I'll explain why this comic was so tough.

For now, I'll just say that I really like this comic. We basically got to create the IDW comic version of these characters. We took that responsibility very seriously. I hope you like it. Please check it out!

The rest of this issue gets pretty nuts.

Here are a couple more images.

I love that last panel. They are idiots, but they are also scary as hell.

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  1. I hope they say all of their catchphrases!

    1. I went down the list of ALL their catchphrases and checked them off one by one. I actually started with the catchphrases and built the story around them.
      Sooooo yeah. It's going to be good.