Thursday, February 10, 2011

Entry 107: Super Powered Lucy/ Mad Men

Hello again! and welcome to another Live Web-log by me, Dustin Weaver.
As you can see, Lucy has begun to manifest her mutant X-gene powers. Normally they don't kick in till puberty, but she's an exceptional kid. The doctor says it's perfectly normal in some cosmic energy manipulating omega-level mutants. That's right "cosmic energy." All I can do is make my eyes glow, which only looks cool. But guess what, when they're lit up, I can't see. Completely sightless!

Moving on.
This week on the Periscope Tumblr we are doing Mad Men pieces. No, not pictures of crazy and or angry guys. Pictures related to the popular TV show set in the early 60's, Mad Men.

I must say that I had never seen the show when I saw that we were going to be doing a week on it and I defiantly thought to myself, "Screw that!" "I don't watch that show and everyone who does must be stupid." But then I thought, "Wait. not everyone who watches that show could be stupid. In fact, logic dictates, that there is likely some percentage of that shows viewers who are smart. That means that I could watch it too and I don't have to feel like I'm stupid for doing so."  So I'm giving it a try. I'm a little more than halfway through the first season and I like it.

Here's my piece
This show makes me want to smoke.

Check out the other Mad Men pieces at the Periscope Studio Tumblr.... if you dare.
...It's not scary. I know people say "if you dare" when it's something scary. If I scared you away from doing it, I apologize. Seriously, nothing bad is going to happen when you click on that link. It's not some kind of thing like in the movie The Ring where you'll get a message telling you that your going to die in seven days. It's nothing like that. It's just pictures inspired by the show Mad Men. So click on the link. It's fine.

Once again, it's time for the corner that is taking the world by storm! The corner that is making everyone say, "I didn't know a corner could be so good." Lucy's Poetry Corner!!!!!!!

In closing, I would like to share with you a revelation I had the other day: Justin Bieber is the bizzaro Dustin Weaver... Think about it.


  1. I'm truly hoping that today's Poetry Corner is not an expression of concern by a worried child watching her dad crack under deadline pressure. ;D
    Great MM piece!
    I've got an old tin sign of Babe Ruth endorsing Old Gold cigarettes.
    The tag line is, "Not A Cough In A Carload."
    Never ceases to amuse me.

  2. Awesome art. Would love to see your take on some of the hot guys on the show :)
    I would have thought you'd manifest some kind of power like being able to pencil, ink and colour comics with your mind :)

  3. Love it! What a lovely illustration.

  4. I have no such power. In fact my mind might be my biggest obstacle in making comics.
    I would have drawn some of the guys from Mad Men but with Stark and Richards in Shield I kind of feel like I draw mad men kind of often. For me doing these Periscope sketches is an opportunity to do things I don't get to draw regularly, like girls. There are very few girls in Shied

  5. You could telepathically summon art supplies to do your bidding :)
    Your art is awesome, whether you draw man, woman, beast or something inbetween...

  6. Deadline pressure hasn't yet caused me to start eating any doodoo over anywhere. YET!
    "Not A Cough In A Carload" What exactly does that mean! A "carload" is that a thing? And as if coughing is the big problem with cigarettes.

  7. I think the "carload" thing is a reference to everything being transported by train back then. Unloading the train's cars & all that.
    And, yeah, the entire ad is comically backwards.
    Simpler Times + Tobacco Industry = Total Wrongness