Saturday, January 22, 2011

Entry 106: Periscope Weekly Sketches

Hello, friend.

The past few days I've had the chance to get caught up with my pieces for the weekly Periscope studio sketch blog. The first week was where everyone did a Spider Girl sketch. I posted my Spider Girl in the last entry of this very live blog.

Week two the subject was the Thunderbolts. Here's my contribution for that.

This is the first time I've done anything with half tones. I wanted to make it look just like zipatone. It doesn't. But it's close.

Week three's subject was Miyazaki.

My favorite Miyazaki work is his Nausicaa manga series. I like it because, well because it's phenomenal. But everything he's done is phenomenal. What makes Nausicaa my favorite is simple. It's a comic, and as a comic maker there is so much I can learn from it; and it's a much bigger story than anything he could tell in a movie. There's just a lot there to like. But my first Miyazaki love was Kiki's Delivery Service. Kiki was the first think of his that I saw. It totally amazed me. For me it holds a special place. So, I decided to do a Kiki piece rather than a Nausicaa piece, and here's how it came out.
This weeks sketch subject is Mario Cart. I'll sit this one out. If it weren't specifically Mario Cart and instead just Mario I'd be tempted. But I have drawn Mario before. You can see that Mario piece in this old post. Entry 9: Past Jellies

, go here to the Periscope Studio Tumblr to see all the sketch contributions and so much more. 

In other news my best friend, D.J. Bryant, who was the subject of my post two entries ago, has got a brand spanking new Live Journal blog. Check it out at  Friend him, bookmark it, make it your home page, you won't regret it.

That's it. Over and out. poetry corner this week. They're there on the fridge, I just haven't taken a picture of them yet. Next time.


  1. OK, officially starting a petition to get you drawing something THUNDERBOLTS-related. Amazing.

  2. Awesome. Especially KIKI. My Fave Miyazaki is SPIRITED AWAY- it was the first one I saw, and like you say, special place!

  3. Both pieces are awesome.
    I especially love the colors on the Kiki piece. Really captures the vibrancy of the film.
    Unrelated: Hey, am I the only one whose head is spinning over when (or if) Outlaw Territory Vol. 2 is coming out?
    It was on Diamond's shipping list for 1/19, then was removed.
    Same deal as Nov. if I remember right.

  4. Your Kiki piece is beautiful. You knocked it out of the park. I LOVE the colors! If I didn't know your working methods I'd say it was watercolor, but I'm guessing you did it with the computer. The city is awesome too. You really summed up the movie.
    Thank you for your shameless promotion.

  5. I actually work not 20 feet from Jeff Parker, the current writer on Thunderbolts. So it could probably be arranged, though I don't the Marvel editors would want me doing anything but focusing on getting Shield done.

  6. I knew there was some news I was forgetting! Yes, eventually Outlaw Territory has to come out, right? It can't not come out forever. Recently Michael Woods, the editor on the book, sent an e-mail out to everyone assuring us that it will be out on 2/23/11. I don't know what to believe anymore. Diamond said Nov. Amazon said Dec. Diamond said Jan. Now Woods is saying Feb. We'll see.
    Thanks for asking, though.

  7. You got me, okay. You win. It's not Watercolor. I just used photoshop to color some ink wash. You caught me. Happy?
    What like you watercolor everything?
    And yeah, man. I recommended your blog journal to people. I told everybody how great you are. Don't make me look like an ass hole.
    ...I don't know who this character is that I'm typing as. Thanks for the comments.

  8. I know you're only joking- but seriously. I couldn't do that on photoshop- and photoshop is the only way I know how to color a comic. Is that what you did?- ink washed it first and then adjusted it. That's a good idea. It came out looking awesome!
    And...and fuck you! (Our "friendly" banter reads kind of weird over the internet)

  9. The composition and colours are great, but Kiki's face reminds me of Katherine Hepburn
    Not that that's a bad thing...

  10. art
    Hello Mr Weaver!
    I've been following you around since your SW:KotOR days. I'm so impressed by your work!
    That Kiki is amazing!
    Looking forward to more SHIELD. Is that an ongoing or not (I've heard conflicting reports).

  11. Dustin this is soooo freaking beautiful!!! I LOVE it!