Friday, February 18, 2011

Entry 108: SHIELD #6

This week the final chapter of SHIELD VOL. 1 hit the stands. Which means that soon there will be a collection of the first 6 issues in a single book.  There's going to be a hard back version which is really exciting to me. This will actually be the first graphic novel to be published completely drawn by me. I can't wait to have it in my hands.

So, for all you trade waiters, the wait to read Shield is almost over. And I hope that you're not like me in that I say that I'll wait for the trade paper back and then forget. Then much later I think, what was I going to buy as a trade? And when I remember, I can't remember why I cared. And then I go back to bed.

It will be called "S.H.I.E.L.D.: Architects Of Forever" And it will be in stores April 6 2011. It is available for pre-order if you are the type of person who like to feel like you bought something.

Here's maybe what it will look like.

I bet it will have a title on it. That's just the image on the Marvel sight right now, but it gives you a feeling of just what this book will be like. The shape, the hard backness of it, an illustration that looks like it's on the cover, it's in perspective so that you can see about how thick it may or may not be.
SHIELD #6 preview time

Here's Gerald Parel's very kick ass cover, followed by the black and white version of my variant cover, followed by the sketch I did for my variant cover, followed by a photograph?
So can you guess what I have?
That's right! Moebius's new Arzak book! And I'm very excited about it.
No. I'm actually talking about Outlaw Territory Vol. 2 which contains my and Jeremy Barlow's western comic "They'll Bury You Where you Stand!" This is a comp issue that was sent to me. It seems this book will finally be out next week. Feb 23

Just look at that Arzak book over there. Bet you wish I was flipping that open.

I Realized the other day that I completed this western story 2 years ago. It's very nice to see it finally out, and it printed really nice. The whole book looks great. Please check it out.

Now Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeee'ssssssss Lucy's Poetry Corner!


  1. Have you guys heard anything regarding continuing the series past the first volume? This is too brilliant and beautiful a book to not continue.

  2. I'm working on issue 1 right now. We're really only about half way through the whole story. Next month a Shield one-shot will come out called Shield Infinity. It will contain some short shield stories drawn by other artists, but I've read the stories and they're really good. After that we'll start Volume 2.

  3. Awesome.
    Thanks for the quick response. Keep up the great work!

  4. Brilliant art. Love the arcing electricity....

  5. Exciting stuff, Dustin! Interesting to see all the variations on that cover. (I wish you could have drawn his hair standing on end, though;) Congrats on the milestones (Shield in HC and Outlaw). I look forward to reading them both. And a question on the side: Where did you order the Arzak book?

  6. Hey, Aaron. I actually picked up the Arzak book at Floating World. They also had a copy of the M├ętal Hurlant Moebius Oeuvres, i think it's called. It collects all of his Metal Hurlant stuff. It's like 420 pages. I have a lot of it in other forms so it's hard to justify paying the almost $200.

  7. It's funny that you should comment, I was just looking at your blog.Nice Wonderella piece. I don't know anything about that comic but I like your piece.

  8. Thanks! Wonderella is a funny webcomic, and doing a send-up/rip-off made me appreciate how nuanced the drawing is. Them pictures carry the weight of the humor more than I realized. Thanks for the tip on the Moebius book, but I hope you change your mind and buy it, and keep it at the studio. I promise to handle it with my collector gloves, if you do.

  9. Great series and I'm glad it'll be continuing on, that last page was killer. Will you be doing any sketching at ECCC btw?

  10. Marvel cards
    I just mailed Moebius the six chapters for "Legends of Azarch" portfolios to be signed. I write hime perhaps three times a year.
    Over the past 19 years I have assembled a collection of more than 31,000 comic and fantasy art trading cards; all different and each one signed by the artist. I am now trying to complete a signed set of Marvel: Heroes and Villains (both versions). I would like to send your two cards to you for signature, along with a SASE for their return. May I have an address, please?
    With regards,
    Michael C. Phifer
    "The Collector"

  11. simply amazing run of issues
    Just now catching up on my stack o' books and finished SHIELD #6.
    Now that the first arc's over, I just have to comment on how staggeringly brilliant the artwork has been. I lack the superlatives to do this work justice. When the first issue was so astonishing, I was impressed but couldn't imagine that level of work to be sustained even one more issue. But it did. For six issues in a row.
    The word "epic" has been cheapened by overuse and by its unfortunate association with being a California stoner Bill & Ted punctuation mark. But, it's the only word that I can find to describe these gloriously rendered worlds, the imagined architectures, the impossible technologies, the ornate costumes and time-spanning details. Epic.
    And that all of this labor has been in service of a story championing the best of human capacities, a celebration of renaissance ideals, enlightenment values, reason and science? All the better.
    If the Eisners followed the tradition of having last year's winner bestow awards to this year's - it would only be right for JH Williams III to hand off to Dustin Weaver.