Thursday, December 29, 2016

Entry 290: Venom Rider & Teenage Mutant Ninja BATMAN?

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I've been watching a lot of Star Trek Next Generation lately. I'm having a great time. It's a great show! 

Okay bye.

Dustin's Blog Supplemental:

I’ve spent most of the past year working on my upcoming creator-owned comic series, Paklis, which has been great. It's so creatively fulfilling, but I'm making no money. I won’t be making any money off Paklis until it’s published. To stay focused, I’ve been turning down all work-for-hire. So, I’ve basically just been living off savings, which is okay I guess. I did save it for this purpose. But it is stressful to watch funds dwindle as I work on a project that a big part of me fears people wont even like.

Anyway, immediately following the election, I guess the future just seem too uncertain and I had a moment of weakness and I excepted 2 paying cover jobs. So here those covers are!

First up: Ghost Rider #5 "Venomized Variant"

The offer was that I could "Venomize" just about any Marvel character I wanted. So yeah, I chose Ghost Rider. You know, because it’s the obvious right choice.

Second: Batman/TMNT Adventures #4 Variant

This is the fist time I've ever drawn Batman professionally! That's kind of cool. Honestly, the whole reason I took this job was because I wanted to draw the animated Batman. The animated series is so great and I have such good feelings about it. I knew it would be really fun to draw, and it was... In fact, it was so satisfying, I could see doing more Batman Adventures work... Maybe I'll look into that.

So yeah, pick up these covers.
Make it so.
Warp 9.

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