Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Entry 291: Revisiting Kingbreaker

For fun I started messing with the colors on some of these old X-Men Kingbreaker pages. Kingbreaker was a four issue series I did back in 2009 and it was my first work with Marvel. I was never satisfied with how it came out. I've always felt the art could have been better served with a different approach to the colors. To test that theory I messed with some pages to try to get the results that I would have liked. I did these quickly and I was working from already colored jpegs, so these don't fully represent how I would color them if I was working from the originals, but they're pretty close.

(For the record, I think the colorist could have been under tight deadlines with this series and couldn't do more detailed work even if they had wanted to. Changing the colors as I have isn't a criticism.)

If you have a copy of these issues, you can open them up and compare.

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  1. Good work on the re-colors. I had forgotten that Kingbreaker was your first work at Marvel. Your Star Wars experience really shows. :)

    1. Thanks! I had hoped I could bring into this book some of the Star Wars readers who had become fans of my work. Who knows if any did.