Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Entry 289: Blast From The Past - Part 24


I was just thinking: I've never had to suffer trolls on the internet. I've never been harassed by haters... One time some people got in a stupid argument in my comments and it made me so happy that I had to say that I appreciated it and encouraged them. I think I spoiled the mood because that put a stop to it.

Anyway, that really has nothing to do with anything. Welcome to my blog. Today I thought I'd take another walk down memory lane and visit... with the memories.... Won't you join me?

After that beginning, I'd understand you not reading any further, but if you stop reading now you'll miss out on all the sci-fi/western drawings I've dug out of the ol' Art Vault for this new Blast From The Past entry!

So now, I take you, like the Ghost of Christmas Past back, but stupidly, not to your past, but to mine!!!!!!

You know, I've never even been properly bullied. Bullies tried. When I was a kid, they tried. I just found it sort of fun. I ruined it for them...And  I ruined it for me too I guess....

So where was I? Oh yes. Science Fiction Western!

After the first couple Star Wars comics I did for Dark Horse, the editor I had been working with told me that he knew some people looking to get some concept art for a game of some sort. It was set in a post apocalyptic world styled like the old west. They gave me the basic story and asked for character and setting designs.

Once-- I got crank called. I was working at Blockbuster and it took me a little while to realize I was being jerked around. The guy started slow then built up to blatantly abusing me then demanding that I adhere to the employee/customer relationship. I was mildly annoyed. It was a busy night. But when he called back later and asked for me by name I got excited. I knew that he was just a dumb person who I could have fun with. I pretended that I had crank called HIM. I was having a grand ol' time. I named him Roberto. Surprising how much that demoralized him. He became frustrated and hung up  and that was that.

Oh yeah. Western sci-fi!

I had a lot of fun with this gig. I got a little carried away, drawing ideas and characters that weren't asked for in addition to the stuff they were asking for. For instance: they never asked for a robot horse. I was like-- whatchu mean you don't want a robot horse?

Here are a bunch of sketches.

Still like that cool dude in the coonskin cap. I should still put him in something.

To wrap this up, I guess I'm saying that bullies are the special kind of stupid people that you're allowed to laugh at... And also visiting the past can be beneficial. I'll use that coonskin cap guy in something and that will be cool. So there you go. I guess the Ghost of Christmas Past was right after all when he took Scrooge back to the ghost's past to show Scrooge how cool it could be to rock a coonskin cap.

God bless us every one.

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