Sunday, October 23, 2016

Entry 288: Bebop & Rocksteady TPB

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The Bebop and Rocksteady Destroy Everything! trade paper back is FINALLY OUT-- like months ago now! Now you can read the whole adventure in one spiffy, self contained book.

Just look at these pages.

(That's art from Sophie Campbell, Giannis Milonogiannis, and Nick Pitarra)

That fact that these are photos proves that this book isn't a hoax perpetuated by China, but is in fact, a real tangible object that you too can touch just like I am. But don't just believe your eyes. Believe your heart when you feel the deep sense of satisfaction and oneness with the universe that you feel when you own a copy for yourself!

Included in this book is an extensive "art of" section assembled by yours truly (and deeply).

These really aren't great pictures. Why am I doing it this way?

And if that's not enough Bebop and Rocksteady for you, you can listen to Ben Bates and I talk about making this series on a podcast!

Give it a listen here: Pages And Panels-103

I think that the host and Ben are secretly making fun of me. Am I being paranoid? Am I crazy? Or am I right and they are out to get me? Listen to it! Let me know what YOU think.

P.S. On the computer screen in that first picture is a preview of a comic that I'm currently working on. So, there you go. An exclusive first look that you wont be seeing on twitter or tumblr.


  1. Even though you won't be using this blog much in the future will you still post a s.h.i.e.l.d. update here if Hickman ever decides to stop resting on his laurels and finally finish lettering the last two issues?

    You two have set the record as the second longest delay between issues at Marvel. The first longest delay at Marvel being the nine year gap between Ghost Rider #93 and #94. Hopefully you won't beat that record.

    You should be nominated for an Eisner for your work on S.h.i.e.l.d.. I personally think you two produced the greatest book from Marvel since Alex Ross' MARVELS.

    I'm a huge fan of you're work and I plan on buying the two remaining issues the day they come out and I hope Marvel eventually release a Prestige Hardcover with all 13 issues and tons bonus materials featuring your artwork thru multiple stages of development.

    I look forward to seeing what you end up working on next. I think you would be the perfect artist for one of the titles in DC's relaunch of the Wildstorm imprint.

    1. Thanks so much.
      I'll still be posting here. I'm just kind of admitting that Tumblr and Twitter have become better ways of keeping up with me, but yeah, I'll still be keeping up with this blog.
      When it's time to post about the last issues of Shield I definitely will be posting everywhere about it. This blog will probably have the most comprehensive info about it.
      Thanks for staying interested.