Saturday, August 20, 2016

Entry 287: Blast From the Past Part-23

Have I really done 22 Blast from the past entries? That seems like too many. I never expected these entries to go on so long. I seem to want to share everything I've ever done. I know some artists really hate their old work. They act like they'd like to bury it so no one could see it again. I mean, I understand looking at your work and seeing all the mistakes, but honestly that's something that happens to me a lot more when I'm working on a thing. It often takes some time for me to see what I did well. I enjoy reassessing old work. Each time I do I see new things, some good and some bad.

After my 22 page story in Star Wars Tales #23 in 2005 I was asked back to do a 6 page story in #24. My grey toned pages for #23 went over so well editor, Jeremy Barlow, thought it would be cool to leave this story in black and white.

Most of this story is a little too dark and I feel printed poorly. I actually think it would have benefited from being colored. I still like this page (above) pretty well. And the fist panel on this next page is one of my favorite single Star Wars panels I ever drew.
In the end, there are a lot of things in this that I wish I had done differently, but there are little things that I really like, little things that I look at now and wonder how I managed to pull them off.

Blogged and blogged.


  1. I love your Image Tribute. I they were ever to bring back Shadowhawk I'd want to see you drawing that book.

  2. dustin...the s.h.i.e.l.d 5 & 6...when?

    1. Ask Hickman about it. The ball is entirely in his court. All the issues need is a final script to go with the already drawn and colored artwork.

  3. Dustin, you're awesome!!!

    Any hints when we are going to hear something about your next Marvel gig?