Saturday, February 9, 2013

Entry 166: Avengers Covers 8,9,10


That's what you are looking at there. Which can mean only one thing-- That's right, it's me Dustin Weaver's blog here again with another BLOG ENTRY! And once again, I've got 3 covers all at once to share with you.

So lets waste no time, and I mean NO time. Let's not spend a split second more than what is necessary and get straight to the art. I mean your time is valuable. My time is valuable. TIME IS MONEY! We'd be stupid idiots to just let it go to waste. I mean we might as well sit around lighting our cigars with one hundred dollar bills. So seriously, everyone, when I say we shouldn't waste any time then I mean we shouldn't waste any time.

Here's my cover for Avengers #8.

I saw someone say, "If Dustin has time to do all these covers, why doesn't he have time to finish SHIELD?" It's like asking, "If you have all this money to be paying your bills, why don't you buy a car?"
Anyway, here's my cover for Avengers #10
Man! I can't believe I've already done 10 covers. And I've got a few more done that you'll be seeing soon. With doing two issues a month, it feels like I'm just unceremoniously blowing though the covers in these blog entries. Doing a cover used to be a rare event for me. Each one would get it's own dedicated blog entry where I could say a little about it. Now it's just like-- cover dump!

Seriously, I am really enjoying doing these covers. #9 is one of my favorites so far.
How bout I show you the sketch versions of these followed by the uncolored versions.
 I did two versions of this cover

And my first take on the #10 cover was pretty different. Check it out.

Blogged and blogged.


  1. Slightly disturbing here, from the POV of a Canadian.

    Now I'm thinking that the reference to an "Omega Flight" in # 4's dialogue was planned out for specific reasons...

    1. Were you getting "disturbing" just from my cover? If so, then I've done something right.
      And Hickman has this series meticulously planned out. I don't think he's making any mistakes.

  2. Always fantastic! You're great, Dustin!
    I was looking at the covers in the solicits and without knowing what series was (it was Avengers issue 10) I said: "Wow, that Captain America is so cool!", and after few seconds I understood it was you who drew it!!!

    1. hanks, man. The more I draw him the more I like Captain America. The irony is that everyone seems to like drawing his shield prominently displayed and I seem to not care to show it. On the issue #1 cover I draw the shield turned away, and now on this cover, it's on his back. For me it's kind of a statement about what I find interesting about him. I could probably do a blog entry all about this.

  3. Cute analogy about buying cars. Hickman didn't know how to finish it, did he?

    1. Hahaha! That would be funny if he wrote all the way up to the last issue and was just like, "...I got nothing. " And the editors at Marvel just say, "that's cool. We'll just stop there."

  4. Replies
    1. Wait, did I write the wrong waste? Shit. I can't say I'm surprised. I'm a very bad speller. Thanks for pointing this out to me. I've changed to and I hope it's right now.