Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Entry 165: Going to ECCC 2013 + fan-art

HOLLY CRAP, You guys!

Emerald City Comic Con is coming up in like just a few weeks.

And I still have that guy's Bane on a T-Rex commission from LAST YEAR! Seriously? It's been a whole year? I couldn't find a second to package that up and send it? What the fuck is the matter with me? Dude, if you're reading this, I'm going to throw in another quick sketch just for being so patient... Oh and are you going to be at ECCC this year? Should I be talking to you through email and not on my blog?.. Okay. Email it is.

Everyone else, if you'd like an ECCC commission from me this year shoot me an e-mail. I haven't made a list yet. I know I've already got a few emails asking about it. If you've emailed me, I'll be getting back to you soon.

On to other things.

Sometimes I draw FAN-ART. That's right, I'm using the term "fan-art". I think in some professional circles this term is frowned on. As if there is a line-- on this side of the line there are professionals and on that side there are fans. You're ether one or the other.

Well guess what? I'm a fan! Not of everything. In fact, not of very much at all. But certainly of some things! I'm not ashamed to admit it. I like stuff! And sometimes I like it enough to want to draw it. Then I make and sell t-shirts of it SO SEW ME! Sew me for being a fan.

Anyway, here's some fan-art

These pieces have been posted on Tumblr so you might have seen them.

This first one is my take on Brandon Graham's series "Multiple Warheads".

Here's what I said on tumblr about it. "This is me trying to capture the things that I like so much about this book. Brandon Graham is a completely unique creator. Multiple Warheads is a stunning book. My blood approves."

This next one is for the cartoon series "Oban Star Racers"

Oban was a French/Japanese anime that aired on ABC Family and Jetix/Toon Disney back in 2006. I came across it completely by chance and enjoyed it pretty well. I've been surprised to find that most people have never heard of it. I wanted to draw some fan art just to try and raise a little awareness. My good buddy Ben Bates also felt compelled to do a fan drawing that you can check out here. (His is better than mine)

Now for some Tezuka fan-art.

I love the work of Osamu Tezuka. I recently read his book "Barbara" and I really liked it.

This next one is my take on Tezuka's character, Black Jack.

I'll be posting about some Avengers covers real soon. See you then.

Blogged and blogged.

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