Saturday, September 8, 2012

Entry 158: My First GIF

From left to right: Captain MarvelCannonball, Manifold (aka Eden Fesi), Captain America, Hulk, Wolverine, Falcon, Black Widow, Thor, Sunspot, Iron-Man, Hawkeye, Spider-Woman, and Spider-Man. I wish I had put Shang-Chithe 15th member, in there... I'll have an explanation for that later. Also, there are at least 3 more characters who will be on the team... that I know of.

From the dawn of time we came, moving silently down through the centuries. Struggling to reach the time of the gathering, when the few who remain will battle to the last. You've known that we are among you, but until now you haven't known our story. We are the people who are named DUSTIN!

Like the Japanese fighting fish, we Dustins are born enemies of one another. We fight each other for dominance... Not to the death, just till we're tired or something. But the loser of these battles must then change their name from Dustin to JUSTIN, because THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!

As you can imagine, along with the tension between Dustins, there is a great deal of tension between Dustins and Justins. These days, many Justins are NOT dishonored Dustins. Many Justins were actually named that by their parents (why? I have no idea). These Justins are intensely competitive with us Dustins. Justins are every bit the enemy to a Dustin that another Dustin is.

So, it was an uneasy alliance when I, Dustin Weaver, teamed with colorist Justin Ponsor to create these three AVENGERS covers. Finally the two powers of "ustin" have been combined!

(I love when I write a post that is entirely bull shit.)

Blogged and blogged.

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  1. I love this image, and really hope you'll post a higher-res version of your art on this cover so I can make it my computer background forever. :-P

    Seriously though, amazing work.