Tuesday, September 4, 2012


This just hit the internet!

I will definitely be posting more about these covers soon.

I hope people like them.

The colors are by the super good Justin Ponsor.

More later:)


  1. Excellent! Man, glad to see you really getting the great gig! You deserve it Dustin! And THE FALCON! He was always one of my favorites as child! Ron Wilson baby! I saw this image online today and was diggin' it, but I am ashamed to say I did not recognize you in there. There is a lot to like here, from that square leg armor on Iron Man, Hulk light and Cap!, and Spidey in the corner is so perfectly posed. Start selling your art, Dustin, start selling your art. (he said in dejected resignation)

    1. I keep saying that I'll probably start selling my stuff soon... I'm not sure when I'll actually end up doing it... What I need is to acquire a lot of debt or a drug addiction. Then you'll see me selling.

      There's a lot to talk about with these covers. I'm sure once I put up a closer look at this with some process stuff there will be no mistaking that this is very much me. The major difference between this and other things I've done is colorist Justin Ponsor. It's my first time working with him and he brings a particular flavor to the table. I Like his work a lot and I'm happy to be working with him.

  2. Art: 15 out of 10
    Ink: 15 out of 10
    Colors: 15 out of 10

    One of the best Avengers covers since perez? priceless!!!!

    congrats man, what an awesome cover(s)!!!

    1. Thanks! I really appreciate your comments:)
      But-- On a scale from 3 to 12-- 7 being the highest. What would you give the new design layout?
      I really like the whole symmetrical thing. And that big A is so eye catching. I think it was all Hickman's idea. Good stuff!

    2. Well, let's see:

      1-The MARVEL NOW logo: not a fan (actually hate it, but that’s just me being particular, sorry Marvel)

      2-The red (bottom) bar: Perfect. That way the (stupid) bar code doesn’t interrupt the art.

      3- The title logo(s) front and center: Really good. It IS a book.

      4-The credits: about time the creators have more importance in the cover. My only complain is that the cover artist is yet missing.(Dear Comic book industry: COVERS ALSO SELL COMICS. I must have like 3 or more variants from the same comic, if i like the art/artist).

      I think when the "join the revolution" thing is over, the "marvel now" logo (ewww) and/OR the credits, should be put in that space. That way, we have more of the cover art free of distractions.

      All in all, the new cover layout have a more modern and fresh look and don´t interrupt the cover art too much. On a scale from 3 to 12-- 7 being the highest, 14. :-D q-_-p :-D

  3. Awesome idea and execution! LOVE how the forced 3-point perspective gets so extreme by the third cover that they're basically diving out of the Hellicarrier at a horizontal angle! And love that tech stuff/jet in the BG of #2. Really cool stuff.

    1. The way that I imagined it was that they are actually in the Avengers tower. They are in a hangar on a high floor walking towards the open hangar doors, looking out and down into the city at some unknown threat.

      Thanks so much for noticing the extreme turn the camera makes across these covers. I really wanted it to work, so I appreciate the comment. I'll certainly have more to say about that. And eventually I'll show you a different version of this image that will really hurt your brain... in a good way.