Friday, April 6, 2012

Entry 144: ECCC 2012 Commissions

Oh, my brothers. Oh, My sisters. I drew till my fingers got blisters.

Not really. I just said that because it rhymed. My fingers don't have blisters. Calluses are what my fingers have, but that wouldn't have rhymed.

Anyway. So I'm back from the Emerald City Comic Con, and I've got commissions to show you!

Here's the first of the bunch.
Once again, like with all con commissions, these pictures were taken with my phone. It's not the best quality. If you got a piece from me and you can get a scan of it, please send it my way. I'll update this entry as I get them.

I was really happy with all of my commissions this year. I took on fewer than I have in the past, in an attempt at taking on what I could realistically get done at the show. This also allowed me to give each piece more consideration. I also got a good variety of commission requests. From the Iceman vs. Sentinel (I posted above), to The Rocketeer, to Gateway, the Aborigine dude from the old X-Men comics- each commission presented new challenges. Here are the rest of those pieces starting with a closer look at that Iceman piece.
close up for clearer details

close up for clearer details

close up for clearer details
close up for clearer details

close up for clearer details
There was one last piece that I wasn't able to get done at the show. I'll be finishing that one up soon and posting it.

As far as how the show went for me, I'd have to say it went pretty well. I still don't have one of those banners, and I still find the whole thing leaves me with a sense of rejection and I'm not sure why, maybe it's the fact that 90% of convention interactions ARE rejections. But I still had a pretty good time.

Something that I did this time, that I think helped was consciously avoid any sort of parties and so called "networking" opportunities. No kissing any industry ass, no pretending to be interested in what a "famous" artist or writer has to say. No rubbing shoulders with names. Just hanging out with my bros and bro-ing out. You know what I mean. Just me and my bros Jeremy Barlow and Ben Bates. Bros before pros. Am I right? Also- pros before hos except after bros. Oh and: pro hos after shows about cloths while Slow Joe Crow blows nose on rose... Fox in Socks, Sir!

(I did it. I started with a Dr. Seuss reference and I ended with a Dr. Seuss reference. I hope you can appreciate that.) (I have a 2 year old) (blogged and blogged)

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