Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Entry 143: Emerald City!

That's right! I'm going to be there. IN PERSON!
I'm not sending a proxy, or an understudy, or some kind of Avatar like body that my mind will inhabit while my body is at home. No. I'm actually going in my own physical form this time, guys. Guys, me in my own flesh with my own blood. You can smell me.

Guys, don't smell me, okay. That's weird. Do try to not be weirdos.

So yeah, come see me. I'll be there drawing away. If you want a commission, email me now. I've already got a list going, but I think I can take on a couple more.

I'll sign anything you want me to sign, Except for body parts and pets. Seriously, stop bringing your pets to get signed, guys.

I'll have some comics that I'll sell to you, if you want them. Look, I got some books here that I don't want to carry around anymore. I'll give you a great deal.

Booth 222

For more info: Emerald City

The piece that I've used above is a quickly colored version of my contribution to the the Hero Initiative's Fantastic Four Sketch Covers.

Here's a look at that sketch cover.

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  1. Man, that Galactus piece is sweet! Bummer that I can't hang out with you guys. Go have a Monte Cristo with buffalo sauce or do some karaoke with a bum or pee in an alley in my honor. Vengeance is yours!

    1. That Galactus is awesome. Nearly as awesome as the one you did for me, heh. Wish I was going to ECCC again this year, such a great show. Any idea what other cons you'll be doing this year?

    2. Aw, man, you're bumming me out. It's not going to be the same without you there. No one downs a Monte Cristo like you. And peeing in an alley just wont be any fun with out you serenading me. I'm sure there will be many drinks to you and to vengeance.
      The Galactus drawing was inspired by that Barry Windsor Smith Weapon-X cover with the giant wrap-around Wolverine close up. Do you remember that I recreated that image on my 7th grade math book cover?

    3. That Weapon-X mathbook cover is burned into my memory forever. It's more precious to me than the Barry Windsor-Smith version. Man... that gives me the urge to put a brown bag on a book and draw a picture with a bick pen. Someone should totally release a graphic novel like that. All those textbook covers were classics, like Fate... Do you still have those?

    4. Fifty cent - help me buy a sandwich!

      Singing with bums, creating the adventures of Man Milk and ShitStorm, concocting the epic rounds of "Would You Rather?" . . . I'm with Dustin -- Seattle will be significantly less awesome without you there, D.J.

    5. Aw shucks. I'll have to do a Shitstorm concept drawing and send it to you and Dustin for approval.

  2. Had a great time meeting and speaking with you on Sunday Dustin. Your art is definitely going to get me back into buying some comics. At least some of your works. Love those black and white originals, just phenomenal!