Sunday, March 18, 2012

Entry 142: Whatever Happened To D.J. Bryant?- Part 2- D.J.'s REVENGE!

That there is a piece by my friend D.J. Bryant.

Some of you long time readers of my blog might remember back in December of 2010 I did an entry called "Entry 104: Whatever Happened To D.J. Bryant?" In that entry I talked about D.J.'s return to the Internet and the Publication of his story, "Evelyn Dalton-Hoyt".

For reasons primarily revolving around computer problems, D.J.'s Internet presence dropped off yet again.

Now, D.J. has returned to the Internet and has a brand new blog called Sequential Monitor.
To catch you up a little on what's going on with him:

D.J. quit his job, left Seattle, and returned to the cold remote wilderness of Alaska, where he grew up, to isolate himself, focus, and make super cool comics.
This is a page he put on his new blog from a short story called "Echoes Into Eternity".

I'm really excited for D.J. It's an exciting thing to stop everything to focus on your dreams. He's more productive than he's ever been.

Check out Sequential Monitor, and drop him a comment. He's all alone in Alaska for crying out loud! Let him know that we are with him in his struggle, and that we salute him.

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