Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Entry 133: Blast From The Past- SPYGLASS

Hola. Bienvenidos a todos mis amigos hispanohablantes. La verdad es que no hablo español. Mi esposa es la que lo habla, y le pide que me ayudara a traducir todo esto. Espero que ella haya sido fiel a mis palabras y que no haya aprovechado esta oportunidad para hacerme lucir como un idiota. Ella puede escribir cualqier cosa y no lo voy a saber... Estoy empezando a pensar que esta idea no fue muy buena. ¡Yo no puedo leer ninguna parte de esto! ¿Qué dice? ¿Tonterías? ¿Mis secretos mas íntimas? ¿El opuesto exacto de todo lo que quería decir? Bueno, ¿sabes que? No lo puedo permitir. Lo siento mucho, mis amigos hispanohablantes, pero lastimosamente no puedo confiar en mi esposa. Estoy casi segura que me va hacer lucir tonto. Espero que les gusten mis dibujos. Si quisieran responder en español, está bien. Mi esposa me ayudará a leer lo que escriben. (Pero, es posible que a Uds. también les haga lucir tontos, uno nunca sabe.)

Okay! Back to English! That's right, folks, I was totally talking in Spanish up there. Bet you didn't know that I'm bilingual. Oh yeah! I'm all kinds of lingual. (If you can read Spanish, you'll know how full of Shit I am right now.)

Moving on!

Dig, if you will, the picture:

This is an oldie. I did this back in July of 08. I guess that makes this entry a "Blast From The Past" entry.

In my last entry I mentioned working with Rob Williams on a pitch. That pitch was called "Spyglass" and this image was part of that pitch. We had just finished working together on Star Wars Rebellion and we had just found out that Rebellion was no more. I was kind of in limbo. I didn't know what my next job would be. I was trying to be very careful about what I did next. I wanted to make sure I was taking the right steps for my career. I knew I could get work, but I wanted to make the right choices. Ultimately I took the job doing X-Men Kingbreaker for Marvel, but in that space of time Rob and I did this.

At this time, you might remember, AMC was working on their remake of The Prisoner and apparently they wanted to do a web comic to go with the show. It's kind of strange what they wanted. They didn't want it to connect or have anything to do with The Prisoner, continuity-wise. They just wanted something that was sort of like The Prisoner in tone and theme. Other than that they wanted an original idea. Rob somehow found out about this and asked me if I wanted to put a pitch together with him. I was, and am, a big fan of the original Prisoner show and was very excited by this idea. We started shooting ideas back and forth and ultimately had a story that I really liked and had had a lot of input on.

Here are some more concept sketches I did. I wanted to do a sci-fi world infused with 60's mod touches inspired by The Prisoner. It was going to be super fun. (These sketches were colored in Photoshop with a mouse.)
The people at AMC seemed to be really into it. We went back and forth with them for a while. Eventually I had to make a decision on what I was going to do next. AMC didn't look like it was happening and I took the job at Marvel drawing X-Men Kingbreaker.

In the end, I didn't feel too bad about it because the Prisoner remake that they did sucked, in my opinion, and I'm glad to have had nothing to do with it. But now Rob and I have this pitch that I think is really cool just sitting there doing nothing. I've held off on putting this stuff on-line thinking that maybe something would come of it. Maybe something still will.


  1. Here's a rough translation of what was said in Spanish:
    "Hello. Welcome to my blog all of my Spanish speaking friends. I don't really speak Spanish. I'm getting my wife, who speaks it, to help me out with translating this. I hope she hasn't put anything in this translation to make me sound like an idiot... Maybe this wasn't such a good idea, you know? I can't read any of this! What does this say? Do I sound stupid right now? Okay, I have to stop this. I'm sorry, my Spanish speaking friends, I just cant trust my wife. I just know she's going to make me sound silly. I hope you enjoy my drawings. If you'd like to respond to me in Spanish go right ahead. My wife will help me to read what you have to say. Though, she'll probably make you sound stupid too."

  2. Let´s put your wife in translation mode:

    Hola Dustin,

    Un placer poder leerte en español aunque sea de mentira :) Supongo que por tema de derechos no podras pero seria genial poder leer la historia corta de la Cosa (The Thing) con el estilo Herge que hiciste hace un tiempo, ya que era genial y no hay manera de conseguirla por tierras españolas.

    De todas maneras sigue con ese gran trabajo, a la espera de ver que es lo siguiente después de SHIELD (y digo esto ADMIRANDO la comission de Kaos (Havok) y Rachel que em trajeron mis amigos de Seattle hace unos años.......Tu sitio esta en los X-Men sin duda :)

    A practicar el español ahora