Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Entry 134: Tumblr

I'll tumble for ya. I'll tumble for you!

That's right! I'm now on tumblr! I did it. I'm branching out... a little bit.

I've been so resistant to all the social networking avenues. I did myspace back in the day and it was exciting for a second and then it made me real sad. So I never did that again. Never did facebook. Never did twitter.

My philosophy with my online presence has always been to give the people who know and like me something extra, NOT to try to get people to know and like me. I have not been using the internet for self promotion at all. This blog is not here to raise awareness of me and what I do. It's here for people who become aware of me and want to know more about me and see more of what I do. And believe me, I really don't get a lot of traffic here. I've kept a low profile and I'm totally fine with that. In fact, I've taken comfort in that.

But, as I look into the future, I realize that I will need to change my ways. In the not too distant future I'm going to start a web comic. I'm hoping I can get fans of my Marvel and Dark Horse work to follow me onto that, but if my blog stats are any indication of the interest that that fan base has in my online content, then my web comic wont do so great. So I think I need to branch out a little. Tumblr seems like a nice "little" step. It's really just a different kind of blog. We'll see what good it's worth.

It's actually going to be a load of fun! It will just be art work with almost no talking, and I'll be updating it like everyday! You'll see lots of stuff that wouldn't get put here.

So please check it out. It's called Dustin Weaver Draws His Little Heart Out. If you are on tumblr, please follow me:)

There you go.
Blogged and blogged.


  1. Promise us "DW Blog Readers" that we'll always be your favorites, even with the inevitable Cluster-F*(ame) that awaits you on Tumblr. And remember you can always come back to us if Tumblr breaks your heart.
    Web comic you say?!

  2. I cannot believe it! You posted the Asgardian Storm that I commissioned at NYCC on 11/29, which happens to be my birthday! It will be in my "Best of 2011" submissions on Comic Art Fans as my best convention sketch of the year! Thanks Dustin! - sean wasielewski

  3. Aaron, the blog readers here will always be my favorites. Tumblr readers don't mean nothing to me. They're just a thing, you know? I don't feel for them the way I feel about you. I love you, blog readers.
    And yes! A web comic... You didn't know? Next time your in the studio I'll show you what I've got so far. I'm hoping to start putting it online when SHIELD wraps up. I've been chipping away at it for a while.

  4. Happy belated birthday, Sean! That is quit a coincidence. Thanks for putting the scan version up. All I've had was the photo I took. And thanks for the "best of" submission. I didn't even know that was a thing. I guess I should explore comic art fans beyond just looking at the comments on my own work:)