Saturday, May 29, 2010

Entry 90: Blast From The Past-Part 7

Well it's high time I did another blast from the past post, and as you can see it's more WildC.A.T.S. stuff. (see even older wildcats stuff in blast from the past part 4)

Why Wildcats? Well it's obvious that the Wildcats were a kind of X-Men rip-off, but since they were new they didn't have all the convoluted continuity that the X-Men had. They also seemed a little darker and cooler than the X-Men. It was one of the first series that I collected starting with issue 1. During it's first few years it was my favorite comic book. And as I mentioned in past posts, Working for Wildstorm and drawing Wildcats had been a goal of mine from the age of 13, and at this point I still hadn't shaken that desire. This was in 99, so I was 20. It would be several more years till I actually realized my dream of working at Wildstorm and eventually worked out my Wildcats fandom with a very ambitious pitch. (things to come in a future blast from the past post)
At this time Travis Charest's Wildcats volume 2 was just getting started. I was excited by the prospect of the relaunch and it inspired me to do this story. I figured I could use these pages to submit to companies as I went along.

So, I think I'll do a little commentary on these pages. Here go's:  At this time the Wildcats were kind of disbanded. But of course they would be getting back together. The idea of this story was that Maul and Spartan have been working on a new MIRV (the teams aircraft). They might have been trying to convince Warblade to join up again. I think Warblade had quit the team after his girlfriend died. He's still sad about that. In panel 4 on page one I think Grifter was saying something about there not being enough action and missing the good ol' days. Anyway they decide to take the new MIRV for a spin even though the work on it was not finished, for instance the weapons are not online yet.
Unfortunately for our guys a Daemonite/ Coda duo are somehow hip to the  unfinished aircraft and plan on hijacking it. How they know about it, I don't know. How are they sitting there waiting right at the right time to see the guys take it for a test flight, ether I can't remember or I never had it worked out. The latter is more likely.

In panels 6 and 7 I think I had some banter in mind about Maul having lived with Voodoo while the team was split and if that ever lead to any naughty stuff. Then Grifter finds some excuse to go to the back. Maybe he has to use the bath room.
Grifter always had some personal stuff going on on the side. While he's back there he sees something following them. He calls to the front to ask if Maul has got anything on the radar. By the time Maul sees them it's to late.
Spartan says something like, hold on to your buts, as he tries to shake them. It doesn't work so Warblade decides to go take care of things himself.
In the last panel here Maul would have been calling back to Grifter to check out a loss of cabin pressure in the cargo hold. The room that Grifter is in is based on a scene from the end of Wildacats volume 1 issue 4. It was used again by Travis Charest in the Wildcats special.
In the last 5 panels on this page I had this Daemonite reveal to Warblade that he was one of the Daemonites that killed WB's family. And the coincidences continue. And are you looking at how many panels are on each of these pages? A lot. I guess I just didn't want this little story to take to many pages.
Maul can see on a monitor what's going on with Warblade and the Daemonite up top and says something to Spartan about how Warblade might need some help.
Back in the Cargo hold the Coda has disarmed Grifter, but because she knows who Grifter is and that Grifter has been trained in the Coda fighting styles she wants to fight him and kill him as a coda. So she gives him a sword, naturally! Make perfect sense.

Anyway back to Warblade verses the Daemonite.
So the Coda beats Grifter in a fair fight, but of course Grifter don't play fair. Grifter walks back to the Cockpit letting everyone know that there is a coda assassin tied up in the cargo hold. Asks what the hell happened to Warblade and then says something smart ass as they pull back into the Halo building. I honestly can't remember what it was he said.
So there you have that.
There's more blast form the past stuff where that came from. Next time.


  1. Very cool stuff. Did these pages get you work? I ask because they look pretty good and polished. Well thanks for posting this, I always like hearing about how artist evolve.

  2. These are great, definitely a whole lot better than Charest's work (which is the reason why I quit buying WildC.A.T.s in the first place). I echo tormentedartist's question: Did these pages help you get work? Sadly, I'm a writer and it seems it's harder for writers to find work in comic books than artists. :(
    PS S.H.I.E.L.D. #1 is now on its THIRD printing (with the wraparound Galactus cover this time). And months back, you were afraid it wouldn't sell. Since I already got the 2nd print variant (just love that splash with Imhotep), I'll just be waiting for the Director's Cut coming out in August. Any previews for S.H.I.E.L.D. #2? PUHLEEZE?!!

  3. Just wondering..
    Why do you think that this is better than Charest work?

  4. WHAAAA?! A third print?! Man, nobody tells me anything. I suppose if I were on Twitter I would have heard about it, but I refuse!.. That's pretty great though. Gosh, I hope people like #2.
    Really? Travis's stuff made you stop reading WC? I'll admit that when Travis first took over I was a little iffy on the book, but it had to do with Robinson's story direction not really doing it for me, more than Travis's work. Alan Moore's first issue with Travis illustrating I remember thinking was the best issue of the series. I think it was #21... I should go back and read that.
    You know, this stuff didn't get me any work. Not directly anyways. What I think got me work eventually was the same editors consistently seeing me with new stuff. But, I'm getting to all that in future Blast from the past posts.

  5. So very sorry couldn't reply yesterday. I was rushing some deadlines.
    Actually, I didn't read about it from Twitter. It was actually posted in Here's the actual link...
    God, it's been so long, I don't remember exactly what it was about Charest's work that turned me off from reading WildC.A.T.s. I suppose mainly it was because I was a Jim Lee purist at that time. I *vaguely* remember seeing the male characters with small, pouty lips, so I guess that's also probably one of the reasons.
    Then again, every individual has their own preferences when it comes to art in comic books. In your case, what mainly attracted me to your art was the way you drew Rogue in X-Men: Legacy. Honestly, I *hate* Rogue, but there was something about your rendition of her that made me actually like her. Maybe because she reminded of those Southern belles from all those classic movies. Of course, there's that cover you did for Nation X. Everyone in the forum I'm a member of was drooling over Gambit and Northstar. (Yes, you made a lot of lusty middle-aged women, including me, very, very happy.).
    Then again, everyone's now lusting over Leonardo Da Vinci. Scary.
    Anyway, going back to the topic at hand, I guess right now, I could say that I'm less picky about the art than before. But, being an editor by profession, I'm more particular about finding that comic book with the perfect combination of a great story and great art. Thankfully, I found that in S.H.I.E.L.D.
    PS Do you think you could ask Mr. Hickman to inform the Marvel editors? They keep on misspelling Newton's name. It's Isaac (two A's) and not Issac (two S's). Oh, and you don't have to worry about people liking S.H.I.E.L.D. #2. I already prepaid my issue. Usually when I pre-pay for a comic, it always sells out. He he he.

  6. "Lusting after Leonardo Da Vinci?" Good. Mission accomplished.
    ... What kind of comic forum is full of middle-aged women?
    Yeah, I was a Jim Lee purist at that time too, but, over time, I became a much bigger fan of Travis. I think it was his Wildcat's X-Men crossover issue that solidified it. If you haven't seen that comic I definitely recommend it.

  7. I'd say it must be Leonardo's chest hair that has gotten women lusting over him. Personally, I like the fact that he's long-legged. I really like leggy guys.
    About the comic forum, actually, you'll probably be surprised to know that a lot of the popular forums out there have middle-aged women either running/moderating the forums or just simply lurking. One of them is Gambit Guild. Some of the members there are in their mid-40s. But, of course, they would never admit their ages (except in private).
    Well, I'll see if I can find that WildCATS/X-Men crossover here in the Philippines. It's rather difficult to find back issues here.
    I CAN'T WAIT FOR S.H.I.E.L.D. #2!!
    PS I forgot to ask you something. That is Horus on Imhotep's headpiece, right? Ok, I confess I'm doing an X-Men fanfic that ties in with S.H.I.E.L.D., but I'm keeping it secret for now because I'm dying to pitch it to Marvel.