Sunday, June 6, 2010

Entry 91: S.H.I.E.L.D. #2 IS COMING!

Hi. How are you? I've got some SHIELD #2 preview art for ya.
Above is my variant cover. And here is Gerald Parel's fantastic painted cover followed by the first 5 pages.

That's right, it's got everything, a reinvention of the type writer, a super close up of an eye, an old guy with glowing tats, Kirby crackles, a gross monster woman with boobies, and so much more.

This hits stands Jun 9th. That's THIS WEEK!
I hope everyone likes it. It's different than issue 1 but there is so much in it that I think is cool.

Speaking of issue 1: It is going into it's 3rd print. That's right! Sold out again! I honestly don't know what to say about this. It's crazy. Thanks to everyone who's bought it. Everyone involved on this book is putting everything they've got into making it something special, and I think, if you stick with it you wont be disappointed. It's going to be a wild ride.

Here's a look at the 3rd print variant cover.

It's a lucky thing I laid the 2 page spreads out the way that I did with the central focus being on the right hand side. It almost seems like I meant for them to be wrap-around covers.

Here's a little behind the scenes of my cover sketches for the first 2 covers.

I decided to render them in gray scale so that Christina and I could be totally in sink with the lighting. I think it's worked out really well. She dose great work and always manages to think of something that I wouldn't have thought of that makes things better.

I'll leave you with my Nostradamus sketches.



  1. Awesome art as usual. Love DaVinci's exoskeleton!!

  2. Ooooo, Kirby crackles! And done right too, most people don't realize they're supposed to be negative space. I guess that's Kirby's fault really, but still I associate them with RAW POWAH

  3. Said it before, but I'll say it again;
    One of 2 books I get in single-issues, and one of my favorite new titles of the year. So amazing, can't wait to get it! Keep up the good work!

  4. have they talked to you about what you want to do after this?

  5. Hehe. I told you issue #1 is on its 3rd printing. AND there's going to be a Director's Cut in August. Are there going to be additional pages in the Director's Cut?
    Thank goodness I already prepaid for #2. ;)

  6. Oh good! The new cover on the reprint of issue 1 already tricked me once.

  7. It only make sense that if you're flying on wood and cloth wings you would wear heavy metal armor.

  8. Hey, if anyone could figure out a way to make it work it was this man!
    Love also how he seems to be flirting with cute tee-shirt guy in the panel above the Innsmouth Mermaid *g*

  9. A little, but I'll probably be working on Shield for the next 2 years so it's not a pressing concern right now. Regardless of what I do next I want to take some time and finally do some creator owned stuff. I'm prepping a couple things now just for that purpose.
    Hey, do you have the comments disabled on your LJ? I often want to comment or ask you questions on your process.

  10. No additional pages. It's too bad. I brought up how I though that would be cool, but the editor knows that I'm not fast enough to do extra work and still get the books done on time. But, I'm putting together lots of behind the scenes stuff to make it worth while.

  11. It's just the D.O.W. (Dirty Ole Woman) in me asking, but any chance of a shirtless Leonardo Da Vinci pin-up as a freebie in the Director's Cut? *drool*
    Just kidding! >XD

  12. 2 years?! i thought it was a mini series.
    I disabled comments to keep people from feeling obligated to leave comments.
    But so many people have abandoned Livejournal for blogspot that its kind of pointless at this point.
    Btw, were you at wildstorm for a while? I think I remember richard friend mentioning something about you coming into the studio at one point.

  13. Yep 2 years. We've actually got a 12 issue story planned and sense it's coming out every other month it will take us about 2 years to do it. I think they said it would be a mini just in case it didn't look like it would do to well and they wanted to cancel it... I guess that can still happen.
    Yeah, I interned at Wildstorm I think, not long after you did. I think I also remember seeing your art even before that. Did you post some stuff on the old Wildstorm message boards under a different name? I'm not sure why I think that was you. Maybe Rich said something about it. If it was you, I was impressed. I've often thought of you as the guy who was one step ahead of me.

  14. yea the wildstorm message boards, i miss that place. I miss Wildstorm doing anything constructive.
    I like the feeling of fraternity that comes with having passed through the studio since so many guys have developed so well since.
    Adversely, I almost feel sorry for the guys that went through the Top Cow studio. Besides Crain and Choi those guys didn't develop very well.
    The irony of your last sentence is that I remember seeing some of your pages online around that time and thinking the same thing.

    Just in case you didn't know...
    Your fan Rory

    This time I am aware. Nick, the editor, sent us a message before it was announced letting us know. Thanks for the link.
    I'm going to post about it soon.