Sunday, May 2, 2010

Entry 89: Free Comic Book Day 2010


Yesterday I did a signing for Free Comic Book Day at Tony's Kingdom of comics in Keizer, Oregon. It was a lot of fun and I did a lot of sketching. This post is all the sketches I was able to get pictures of, but first I just want to take a little moment to tell you some other appearances I have scheduled.

First I'll be at Madness Games & Comics at 3000 Custer Road #150 Plano TX on Saturday May 8th.Then I'll be at the Spokane Comicon on Saturday May 22. Then I'll be at the Florida Supercon in Miami on June 18-20. After that I don't have solid plans, but it's not unlikely that I'll be doing San Diego this year and I'm determined to make it out to New York for a show. So if you want a sketch similar to the ones you see here you can get one from me at one of those shows.

All of these were drawn on glossy backing boards so the gray tones were a little hard to control.

The Wolverine, Wonder Woman, and Joker were ones that I didn't end up selling. They look a little nicer than the others because I was able to bring them home and scan them rather than taking a picture with my crappy phone camera. I'm thinking of selling these 3 on the Periscope Studio Etsy store.
 This Green Lantern was done for a guy who also came by last year and got this Rouge sketch from me.

Last year I did this sketch for the store owner, Tony.
It's him as Thor. This year I did him as the Silver Surfer and I gave him a more true to life physique. I'm not happy that the face is almost unreadable in this photo, but you get the idea.


  1. Nice, I like how Logan still looks like Logan with the mask, many artists seem to turn him into a generic superguy with the mask on

  2. I don't want to sound like a suck up or anything but your "sketches" look better then many working artists final art.

  3. Ace! I especially love Wolverine- how he still looks human under the mask rather than some blank-eyed, steroid chomping Macy's float, and the Joker, who still looks clown-like even in B & W....

  4. whats up with you and daniel acuna and the sideburns over the mask wolverine?

  5. Thanks. Sometimes I feel like my sketches are better than my own final art. There's just something about the energy that comes along with sketching.

  6. Acuna does that too? Damn, I didn't know that. Actually, I was always bothered that his sideburns didn't show at all when his mask was on. I guess if the mouth hole is small enough you wouldn't see them but I like the idea of getting more Logan the man with my Wolverine the superhero.

  7. acuna's first xmen stuff were some 2-4 page flashforward type things in Young Xmen a couple years ago.
    If you havent seen the pages I'll try and find the issues and post them for you they were pretty damn cool.