Friday, December 4, 2009

Entry 79: Nation X #3

Here is my third Nation X cover. Like the other 2 this was colored by Morry Hollowell. I had actually imagined this as a day scene, bright, sunny with the ocean shimmering in the background. But night works.

Here's the black and white version.

This cover references the first Nation X cover. I liked the idea of exploring the island through the covers. They're also staking claim to they're territory much like the X-Men on the first cover.

Unfortunately, I won't be doing the 4th Nation X cover. I really wanted to do all 4 covers but it had to make way so that I can focus completely on SHIELD! Since I'm currently having a lot of fun doing SHIELD I don't feel to bad about it.

1 comment:

  1. Love Danger- you've made it look, well...dangerous! Reminds me of the scary supercomputer/evil sister hybrid from SUPERMAN III...
    And your version of Anole is fantastic- convincingly reptilian without losing any of the hot guy appeal. Why yes, I do like me some Gay mutants, why do you ask?!
    I think a bright, sunlit day scene would've worked better too...
    How much would I have to bribe you to draw a Cyclops/Iceman romantic scene?! *g*