Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Entry 78: SHIELD!

Check this out. Last night on Attack Of The Show Marvel announced my new project with Jonathan Hickman.
Here's a clip!

Seeing my art on TV and hearing my name was a strange experience. It was both exciting and it freaked me out a little. This book is (and I'm certain) the most important thing I've worked on. And I feel a lot of pressure to do the best work I can. So hearing this announcement made me feel the pressure that much more.
What makes SHIELD so important? Well for starters it's a new series with a lot of new ideas. I'm getting to be creative in ways I wouldn't have thought possible in a Marvel comic. It's original. This book has things in it that I've never seen in a Marvel comic. They're taking some risks here and it feels like Jonathan and I are being given a lot of freedom to let our imaginations go wild. This book is also really demanding. It deals with different time periods and there is a lot of stuff to design. It's also a lot more work than I've done. I've never done more than 4 issues in a row on anything and with this I'm going to do well more than that. Also, this book is cool! Jonathan Hickman is writing some really cool stuff here and I really want it all to live up to its potential. It's firmly in the Marvel universe but it's a superhero comic unlike one that I've seen. To put it simply this will be the best book I've gotten to work on and I want to do my best work.. So that's why this book is important for me to and why I'm feeling some pressure. It's exciting though.

Here's a link to a Comic Book Resource article where Jonathan talks more about it.

I'll be posting some preview art and concept art in the weeks and months to come so check back.


  1. looks like you're drawing the hell out of this book.

  2. Thanks, Man. I've been really digging all the stuff you've been posting lately.