Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Entery 77: X-Men : Nation X #2 cover

This would be the cover for Nation X #2. This is a 4 issue mini series and it looks like I'll get to do all 4 covers.

I had a lot of fun drawing this cover. It's kind of a strange assortment of X-characters. It was particularly fun getting to do my take on Jubilee. Jubilee's outfit back in the day was pretty 80's and I thought it would look dated now. So I wanted to change it but I also wanted her to be recognizable so I didn't want to change it to much. Luckily there are a lot of retro 80's trends out there right now. So I could get away with keeping her style intact and still give it a current feel. My hope is that it now looks like she's consciously being retro rather than dated... Though, has a bright yellow trench coat ever been in style?

Once again Morry Hollowell did a great job on colors.

Here's a look at the black and white version. You can see that I was referencing a dated version of Northstar's costume and had to change it from what's in the original.

I recently did an interview for Jazma Online. Check it out here: Dustin Interview

A few weeks back I went up to Calgary for the Calgary toy and Comic Expo. It was my first time in Canada. I liked it. I got to hang out with Craig Rousseau, Norm Breyfogle, and show owner Stephen Fuller and I gotta say it was a lot of fun. Stephen is a great host treating us artists to dinners and to a trip out to Royal Tyrell Dinosaur Museum which was really cool! I'm a fan of dinosaur museums and exhibits and this place was the best I've ever seen. It's in a town called Drumheller where there is a Dinosaur statue literally on every corner.

The Show was pretty great to. I did a lot of sketches and talked to a lot of cool fans. But the best part was meeting Peter White who has created a fantastic Zayne costume from Knights of the Old Republic. I didn't design Zayne's costume but I did give it a lot of personal touches and defined a lot of the detail. It was very cool to see that Peter had really studied those details. Here's a picture of me and Peter.

And here's a sketch I did for Peter along with a version that he colored himself.


  1. great art as always.
    I really like how you did Jubilee and that brain ball is fantastic.

  2. Your work is consistently mind-blowing. I'm glad you enjoyed Drumheller. We went to Tyrell Museum for our honeymoon, it was romance among the bones and so much fun.

  3. Bloody awesome. Is one of the upcoming covers a variant where Northstar and Gambit make out? *g*

  4. Thanks. Actually, when I was drawing Jubilee I thought to myself, "Brandon Graham would do this really well."

  5. Did you go to the top of that giant T-Rex statue they have in Drumheller and look out the mouth? I could see that being romantic.

  6. I don't read X-Men comics so I wouldn't know, but have they ever shown Northstar kissing a guy? He is gay right?

  7. He is Gay and in at least one incarnation, involved with Ultimate Colossus- no kissyface though. He also has major UST with Iceman in various comics as well. Wolverine killed him off in one issue (he got better), which was the impetus for gay comic fan Perry Moore to write his excellent Gay superhero novel HERO...