Saturday, December 12, 2009

Entry 80: X-Men X-Mas at Excalibur


This is a sketch I drew today while doing an X-Men themed signing at Excalibur Comics here in Portland. It was an X-Men Xmas. Along with myself there were some other local X-Men Creators, Matt Fraction, Tod Orzechowski, and Terry Dodson. There are probably a lot more creators here in Portland who have contributed to the X-Men, in fact I know there are. You can't throw a rock in Portland without hitting a comic creator (and that comic creator's name is Jeff Parker. He's everywhere) But I guess you can only fit so many of us into a comic book shop.

Anyway, here are some other sketches I did.


  1. Awesome as always. X-Men X-mas, eh? I wouldn't mind finding Scott Summers in my stocking!!

  2. Really hot stuff. Lots more energy than the average standard signing/con sketch.

  3. Dude, he's a fictional character. When I was in Junior high I briefly had a crush on the series 1 Marvel trading card of Shadowcat... Who drew that one... Was that Arthur Adams?

  4. Thanks for noticing. I like to keep it interesting for myself so I try to avoid doing the same sketch over and over again.

  5. Yes, I know...Maybe I'll just ask for James Marsden in my stocking instead *g*
    Yup, Adams I think...