Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Entry 37: Dustin for sale

I'm finally doing it. I'm finally selling art online. Here's a link to my Selling page Dustin Weaver Art. I have 11 pieces up now but I'll be putting up more soon, including more Star Wars pages and King Kong pages. Check it out if you're interested in buying or if you're just interested in checking out some of my originals. If you want to comment on any of the pieces you can comment right here.


  1. Is the Indy Cover Sketch from Previews going up for sale?

  2. Maybe someday. Not yet though. As I sell things I'll replace them with something new. I think the Indy piece is like Star Wars stuff in that you have to first offer it to Lucas Film to see if they want to buy it. If they don't then you're free to sell it.