Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Entry 36: Also out!

I didn't know about this till it was sent to me by Dark Horse message board regular, Yodazone. Pretty sweet. It's nice to get so much mileage out of a piece that was just done for the fun of it.


  1. I know, right. I picked up a copy the other day. It's very strange to see this piece printed so big and displayed so prominently. As I pointed out before, it really was just a sketch in my sketch book.

  2. pretty cool sketch too! It's also the first Indy printed comic piece in over 12 years!

  3. Indy Poster...
    Hey Dustin!
    I just came from my comic shop and saw your "Indiana Jones Previews Cover" turned into a giant poster from Diamond! On one side it's your full Indy artwork and the other shows a listing for the Indiana Jones comic adaptation and the Tomb of the gods issue #1 pics with small comic descriptions.
    I asked about buying it and my local shop said that each store was given one last week through thier Dark Horse shipments.
    The poster looks cool as hell with your Indy artwork blown up big! It's about 11x24 in size. I tried to buy one from my shop but the owner looked like he wanted to keep it since he was only sent one from Diamond.

  4. Re: Indy Poster...
    Once again, thanks for the heads up, Yodazone. After I read your post I went down to my local shop to see if they had one and sure enough they did. They had put strip after strip of tape over it like a laminant, taping it down to the counter by the register. I don't know how long they intend to keep it there but It seems like it could be a while. It's weird to buy something there with my art looking up at me and nobody knowing that I did it.

  5. Re: Indy Poster...
    Dark Horse is really using this piece a lot. It's kind of crazy how often I'm seeing this piece. It really is just something out of my sketch book.

  6. Re: Indy Poster...
    Hey Dustin! I found your Indy sketch used yet again today! lol...
    This time, the same Indy artwork is on the cover of May's "Previews Backlist" book. I'm guessing this came out along side the regular "Previews" catalog from a couple months ago. I spotted it today at my local shop and the cover price of the order book is $1.25. It's a real thick book...almost as thick as a trade paperback.
    What's cool about this book is that it's comic book sized! And goes perfect along with the other Indy comics! That's 3 appearances so far!