Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Entry 35: Out this week!

 This should be out tomorrow. I already talked a lot about this piece back in Entry 13. It's my first "painted" cover, and I'm excited about it finally coming out.


  1. Hooray! I can stop haunting my comic-book store, woefully asking, "Is it out, yet?"
    Darn, if only I weren't in hell week for my play. I'll have to pick it up next week.
    Gives me something to look forward to, though. :) Beautiful painted cover. Now, is this the one you did sans tablet?

  2. Actually, I haven't used a tablet on any of my covers. I did get one from my buddy Mike Atiyeh, colorist for Kotor, but I still haven't used it much. I worked out a process on the covers that I'm pretty comfortable with. I feel like I'll need to play with the tablet on my own before I'm comfortable with it... I still owe Mike a piece for that tablet.

  3. I nearly (because nothing is absolute, right?) guarantee you'll LOVE the tablet once you get comfortable with it. It's so nice to have the pen, and the varying levels of pressure. Not to mention the fact that the tablet is mapped to your screen, so you don't have the "relative positioning" aspect you have with a mouse. It doesn't make it totally like drawing on paper, but it's a lot closer. I use it all the time for Photoshop.
    Anyway... I digress. I've seen the preview images for your upcoming covers. They look fantastic. Whatever system you have worked out, it clearly works!