Monday, March 24, 2008

Entry 34: KOBE BLUE!

 Kobe Blue was created last Thursday night (March 20) at 2 AM on the floor of an empty apartment in Seattle. My friend, DJ, was sick with a cold from walking around the city in the rain, and I was exhausted from my 3 1/2 hour train ride from Portland, we were both lousy from eating greasy IHop food with chemical tasting fruit covered pancakes. At 7AM we would have to get up, catch a buss, rent a truck from U-haul, load it up with DJ's belongings, bring it back to this empty apartment, and unload it, and still we staid up and drew. We passed the sketch book back and forth alternating panels and dialog with out any idea what it would end up being. The next day, on the way back to the train station, after we had moved all DJ's stuff and returned the truck, I decided that when I got back to Portland I would make the page presentable by giving it some quick inks and a quick logo. The page feels more like a snap shot of a moment than it does a comic page. I'm glad I can be there for my friend in a hard time and I can think of no better way to warm a house then to lay on the carpet, like children with a coloring book, and make a silly comic like "Kobe Blue, The Greatest Pilot in the Galaxy!"


  1. This reads like a fever dream. Love it.

  2. Will do. Hopefully he'll get his new computer soon and be back on line.

  3. Thanks, Dan. The pacing was definitely part of the joke of it. The surprising thing to DJ and I was when we looked back at what we had done the next morning finding that it's pretty straight. As we were drawing it it seemed ridiculous. To me, it seems far more intentional than it was.