Monday, April 21, 2008

Entry 38: Out this week.

I know I haven't posted much lately. I just finished a Star Wars issue and I'll be going right into the next. More on that later. I've also been busy getting my art selling page all set up and it's been doing really well for me. My taxes are a nightmare this year and selling some art is really helping me get on top of it.
Anyway, Star Wars: Knights of the old Republic #27 part 3 of Vector comes out  this week. This is my second "painted" cover and one of my favorites. I learned a lot on this piece, tried some things, and made some nice discoveries. I can't wait to see it in print.


  1. This 2nd cover is definitely a big step towards photo realism from the last one, at least in my mind. The first one was almost like looking at your art on the inside, which I love, but this one is even better. So which issues are doing the interiors for?

  2. I'm doing Rebellion #15 and 16. Check out my latest post:)
    Yeah, as I said in Entry 24, I started using more pencil to render for this cover, rather than all markers. The pencil allowed me to get more subtle. With the cover for issue 26 not only did I do it all with markers but I also did it at a reduced size. I did it at a reduced size to save some time. With this cover I had the time to really get into those more subtle details.

  3. A quick question if you have the time....
    How do you transition back to doing just pencils after doing a full color thing?
    This past year I have had an opportunity to get some illustrative type stuff published at the newspaper I work for. A centerpiece and a bunch of things for a special comic book themed special prep football section we did. Nothing too grand, just enough to get me really in the 'I really need to buckle down on getting my portfolio stacked' mode.
    After finishing those it's been hard to feel that the work done in pencil is actually finished, how do you handle going back and forth between such drastically different jobs?

  4. Re: A quick question if you have the time....
    It's rough... I don't think I transition well. I feel fine with going from full color to just black and white inks, but it's really hard for me to just do pencils anymore. Kotor 22-24 was the first time in a long time that I tried to do just pencils and it felt pretty awkward. That's why for the Rebellion issues I'm doing right now I'm doing inks.

  5. Re: A quick question if you have the time....
    It's sort of relieving to know a pro I totally respect has the same sort of issue a hack like me has.
    Thanks a lot for the reply, and keep up all the good work you do.