Monday, September 29, 2014

Entry 248: Amnia Cycle pages 70,71

Chapter 3
Chapter 4

Does that thing look familiar? (hint: the end of chapter 2)

In time, this will all make perfect sense… I hope.

Also, in chapter 3, I knew I drew that hood on that first officer for a reason. He's a Nuriel! (Comic making tip: If you are making your comic up as you go, put a hood on someone. You never know who they could end up being.)

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  1. The Nuriel reveal is great! This story's taken a turn I wasn't expecting—and it sounds like maybe one you weren't fully expecting either.

    1. Thanks, bro.
      Being totally honest, I've suspected that the Dasraans had Nuriel in their ranks since I introduced Macronis and his crew. But I didn't know when or how we would find that out until I started this chapter. So it was nice that I had given myself a way to introduce it real quick.
      Thanks for the comment!