Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Entry 305: Blast From the Past- Part 28

In 2007 I went clear-line style for a few issues of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. I went from rendering everything completely in gray-tones in my first Star Wars issues, to scaling back a little, and now I was jumping to pure clear lines with no rendering.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Entry 304: Blast From The Past - Part 27

So after the King Kong comic I jumped onto Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. We're going back to 2006 in this Blast From The Past Entry. 

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Entry 303: Bebop, Rocksteady, PAKLIS, & You!

If you'd have told me, ten years ago, that I'd someday be working on my eleventh comic about Bebop and Rocksteady, I'd have done a spit take and then laughed openly in your face. And that spit take? Not water, but a sandwich... Because I used to eat sandwiches instead of drinking water. All my moisture was derived from sandwiches.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Entry 302: So Venomized

Another VENOMIZED variant cover!

The other Venom cover I did was the one where Ghost Rider is Venomized. You can see that here: Entry 290

This time the idea was to do a classic Venom scene. Now the truth is, I don't know much about Venom. I really wouldn't know any of his classic scenes. So if I had said yes to the job, I'm sure they would have come back at me with a bunch of scenes they thought would work and I'd chose one. But I don't like taking jobs unless I can already see a cool thing to do with it. What if I took the job, they sent me the references, and I just wasn't inspired. So before I took the job I asked my buddy Ben Bates, the only person I know who knows anything about Venom, if he could think of an interesting Venom scene. I was looking for something that wasn't generic, something that could only have happened with Venom. Ben pointed me to this scene from Amazing Spider-Man #300 by the great Todd McFarlane.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Entry 301: S.H.I.E.L.D. Update #8

The artwork for the last two issues of S.H.I.E.L.D. has been done since October 2014. Three and a half years ago.

The last issue to be published of S.H.I.E.L.D. was published February 2012. Six years ago.

And the series started June 2010. That's like eight years ago!

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Entry 300!: 7-11 Nachos

One time I was abducted by Scientologists.

I was nineteen and I was alone on a small stretch of sidewalk somewhere in the vast expanse of the spiritual wasteland known as Orange County, California. A car pulled up beside me. Inside was a man and a woman. They seemed okay and they asked me if I wanted to see a movie. That Thanksgiving I had walked to the nearby 7-11 and purchased nachos. They were just a cheep bag of circular chips that you opened and pumped disgusting cheese and chilly onto yourself. I took those nachos home and I ate them. For Thanksgiving. Alone. Dying inside with each bite. So yeah, I got in the car. They could have been serial killers, but if they were going to torture me, at least I'd feel alive. The worst that could happen, I figured, is that I'd actually have to watch a movie. Turns out they weren't serial killers. They were Scientologists.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Entry 299: Weaver on Weaver

Hello, my fans and readers of this blog. I've got good news!

I am not a harasser of women or men! I'm not a pedophile. I've never sexually misconducted myself or anyone else. I've also never pretended to be a person of a different race or nationality, given myself work, and pretended it was diversity... There are no scandals waiting to come out about me. So-- congratulations. You have chosen who to be a fan of wisely. (This time.)

Anyway, I was thinking: I've been making comics professionally for about 13/14 years. I find it helpful and even fun to look back at my old work. I like seeing the mistakes as well as the accomplishments. I try to view it as objectively as possible. In doing this, I've realized that I have a kind of mental ranking of my comics. I think some are better than others. It's never been a fully formed ranking. There's never been a #1 spot. But I got to thinking, if I had to rank them, what would be number one? So I'm going to give it a shot right now.

Here it is.
The Top 15 Best Single Comic Issues I've Worked On (According to me, with maybe some quick thoughts on each issue.)

(This list will not include my PAKLIS issues because I am most proud of them and they would take the top five spots. So it's all pre-Paklis issues)

Avengers #7

This issue opens on a sci-fi scene that took me back to my days working on Star Wars and I always liked it's weird vibe. The rest of the issue has kind of a slow build until The Avengers must scramble to deal with a threat from another universe and the birth of the most dangerous hero on Earth. 

I have an idea in my head of what the ideal superhero team book should look like. Characters should have a certain visual appeal. It should be colorful and dynamic. In the few Avengers issues I did along with my work on Infinity, I feel I got closest to those ideals. I felt good about my drawings and Justin Ponsor's colors were perfect.