Friday, October 2, 2015

Entry 274: Infinity Gauntlet Process

Here's a little peek at my process with creating Infinity Gauntlet.

I started by writing an outline for all 5 issues.
In a sketchbook I drew storyboards while writing a temporary first draft of the dialogue. Often the drawings would be on the right facing page and the dialogue was on the left in blue.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Entry 273: Blast From the Past- Part 18

Hey hey. This IS another entry of old stuff, but let's start off with a little current news.

Infinity Gauntlet #3 came out a few weeks ago and I really appreciate all the positive response. #4 should be coming out soon and I think it's super fun. 

In S.H.I.E.L.D. news: I've seen the colors for the final issue and they look so amazing! Sonia Oback is doing such great work. Still no word on the release date for the last two issues. All I know is that it has to happen after all the Secret Wars stuff. 

With that out of the way, here we go, back to 2004, with another Blast From The Past entry.

This is a page from Assassins Guild #0. That's right, number zero.

I talked about working on Assassins Guild #1,2, & 3 in Blast From The Past- Part 11

While I was working on The Tenth Circle and trying to get other work in the comics industry I was also continuing to chip away at Assassins guild, the comic series I had been working on before my internship at Wildstorm.

The page at the top of this entry is the first of the five pages I did for Assassins Guild #0. I had chosen to do The Tenth Circle in a kind of intricate and labor intensive style. AG#0 was a chance to take a break from that style and do something much looser.

Here are the other four pages I did for AG#0

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Entry 272: Blast from the Past- Part 17

In my last "Blast from the Past" entry I talked about working on The Tenth Circle back in 2003 to 2004.

In this entry I thought I'd give a little supplementary material to that last entry in the form of some concept art.

What you see above was my initial concept art for the Devil.

Here are some more concept pieces.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Entry 271: Infinity Gauntlet Covers 3,4,&5

That there is my cover for Infinity Gauntlet #3. That issue should be coming out some time soon, I think.

But that's not all! Here is my cover for Infinity Gauntlet #4.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Entry 270: Infinity Gauntlet #1

So, it's been a couple weeks now since Infinity Gauntlet #1 came out and I'm only just now getting around to posting about it. I hope you all picked it up.

Entry 269: Studio Paklis

Hi. Im Rudolf Chompff, and I'm here to talk to you a little about the exciting new blog entry here on Dustin Weaver's Blog that you are about to read. 
We here at "The D-We-B" pride ourselves with bringing you entry after entry of exciting blogtent. You'll probably remember such classic blog entries as "Entry 120" or "Entry 210." Now, in the tradition of those beloved blog entries, we bring you "Entry 269"

So, with only this perfect amount of ado, here's the new D-We-B entry... Enjoy.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Entry 268: Gremlins & Blood Wulf

So I share a studio space with my pall, Ben Bates. Ben is a comic creator. He was my collaborator on Bebop & Rocksteady and he's done a bunch of Sonic the Hedgehog, Mega Man, My Little Pony, and Ninja Turtle comics. I spend a lot of time with him. Both of us just sitting in a little room drawing away. While we draw we often talk. Mostly we talk about things we've watched and read, but sometimes we challenge ourselves to conceptualizing and break a story. This is a lot of fun and often we come out of it with a lot of ideas. Sometimes those ideas are things that we can save for some future project. Sometimes we're actually talking about real work stuff. But sometimes we just have some fun thinking of how we would tackle an existing property.

Not long ago we got on a kick of brainstorming how we might handle a whole bunch of different properties. We came up with a lot of sketchy ideas for Predator and Aliens and Predator vs. Aliens. I actually started developing an idea that I think could be a pretty cool Alien on-going series.

None of this stuff will ever happen mind you. I'm never going to do an Alien comic. It's just too much work to pour into someone else's property. But it's fun to think about none the less. Plus a lot of these ideas can easily be transformed into an original concept.

Anyway, I asked Ben what he would do with Gremlins. "If you could do a Gremlins comic, you have complete control, no editorial meddling, what do you do?" I think because there has never been a Gremlins comic, this one got us a little more pumped than a lot of other. We ended up hashing out almost a whole Gremlins story.

I was enjoying the idea so much that I drew these Gremlins sketches you see above.

On the subject of creating your own take on an existing property, I was recently thinking about Brandon Graham's take on Prophet and Joe Keating &Sophie Campbell's Glory. Both of those are, of course, Rob Liefeld properties. I never read the original Prophet series, but it's clear that Brandon and company have really done their own thing with it. I find myself asking if it's even really the same thing at all.

The one Liefeld character that I think I could really sink my teeth into is Blood Wulf. I only ever read his first appearance in Darker Image, but I remember liking it. I like those old Lobo comics that inspired the creation of Blood Wulf and I think I know how that kind of character should work. Thinking a bout this inspired me to draw this Blood Wulf drawing. I wouldn't want to change what a Bood Wulf comic should be. My instinct when thinking about working on an existing property isn't to reimagine it, making one thing into something else, but rather to lean into it. Figure out what that thing was supposed to be, what it really wants to be, and then try to make it the best version of that thing. I think you can see this philosophy in Bebop and Rocksteady.

I'll end by saying that I can't imagine circumstances where I would be making an Alien comic, or a Gremlin comic, or a Blood Wulf comic... Who knows though. Never say never, right?

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