Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Entry 216: AVENGERS 180°

Here it is.
The second half of my
Avengers 180°

I did want to reveal this cover by cover, but the whole thing was just put up on Comic Book Resource. So here it is.


Here is the whole thing together. The Full 180°

Okay. It looks like blogger doesn't want me to have it any bigger than that... Oh well.

A lot of you know that this 180° cover idea has been in the works from the very beginning. Originally it was an idea for covers 1-6.

Here's a look at my very first sketch of the idea.

The problem was that I didn't know what villains to use in the image, so I couldn't make this early version work. (bit of trivia: the second half of this sketch turned up as part of the banner on MTV Geek news and was used for a while. I never posted it online. It was only ever sent to Marvel editorial... So I guess someone there passed it along. It was cool to see it get used)

When I finished the first 3 covers I took another stab at making it work. This time without villains being the main focus.

Here is that sketch attached to my 1-3 covers.

You can go back to my blog entry about covers 4-6 for more information about that.

Basically, I just didn't find looking at the backs of characters heads as exciting as actually facing off with some villains. So I shelved the idea.

Due to the response I got about the idea of the 180° cover idea, I realized that maybe I shouldn't through out the idea. I could just come back and do it at some point and I could use the villains that were in the stories so far. It could encompass a large time frame. So I proposed the idea to the editors and Jonathan Hickman way back before Infinity and everyone liked it and wanted to do it.

When I finished up Infinity it was time to get to work on it. We talked about who should be in the image and then I sketched this.

I got to return to my original idea, and it came out exactly the way I would have wanted it. I'm glad I waited. 

Here is the final drawing

Ofcourse, We got Justin Ponsor back for colors. 

And that is all.

...I could see doing more. I could even see doing a full 360. I have no planes for that, but there are a few sketches forming in my head. You never know.

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  1. Your work is awesome, your drawing style is fantastic and the determination that you have with the differents projects is remarkable.
    Thanks for sharing with us your work, I really like the sketches :D

    Greetings from Uruguay ^^


  2. Finally I have completed my 6-issues collection, here, in Spain, it's a little bit more complicated (and expensive) to get them, but really deserves any euro.
    Thanks for your amazing work.


  3. Ahh I was wondering did you planned for the 2nd half of the combine covers but glad to know ! Also wish we could have seen the other Avengers instead of the villains because that seem cool as well.

  4. did you have to use photo references or google earth or anything else in order to create the buildings and where they should go? or was it totally up to you?

    1. I did have photo reference of NY skyline. I always look at photos for ideas for buildings, otherwise they could all end up looking generic. I don't think any of these buildings are really where they should go, though I did try to keep the major landmarks roughly where they should be in relation to one another.