Sunday, May 13, 2012

Entry 146:Open The Door, Get on the Floor

Everybody walk the dinosaur!

That's right. Bane on a dinosaur! IN YOUR FACES, EVERYONE!

This is the one commission I couldn't get to at this past Emerald City Comic Con. But I finally had a chance to get it done.

At first the idea of Bane on a T-Rex was pretty silly to me, but when I thought of it through a kind of Frazetta-esque fantasy lens, I got pumped on the idea. There is no doubt that Frazetta's Death Dealer on the horse image was in my head when I did this. I wanted to have a little of that bad-ass-ness in this image... It might undo any bad-ass-ness this image does have to know that that stupid "Walk the Dinosaur" song was echoing in my head as I drew it.
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  1. That drawing is DINO-mite! (Sorry)

  2. I'm tempted to ban you from this blog.

  3. You realize, you now have to pitch Marvel on a Devil Dinosaur series...right? RIGHT?!

  4. Bane the Barbarian! That should be a thing! :D