Thursday, April 1, 2010

Entry 86: Dath Revan

Here's a little something for the Star Wars Kotor fans.

This is a commission I did not long ago. I don't really do commissions from home. I'll do them at conventions but I'm not into doing it at home. It has a lot to do with not knowing how to charge. I guess when I'm not doing work I don't want to be doing a commission. I want to be spending time with my family or working on something for myself. It's hard to know how to charge for something I don't want to do and don't necessarily need to do and make it worthwhile. It's a dilemma.

 This commission I did because the guy hung in there a long time. He continually e-mailed me, was polite, and eventually I thought I should do something for him. Also, what he wanted (Darth Revan) I knew I could have a little fun with, since when I was working on Kotor I was anticipating drawing this guy and never really got to. 
So now, here he his, Darth Revan.


  1. I'm not really knowledgeable about the extended SW universe, because I don't want George Lucas raping my childhood anymore *g*. But the art is awesome!!

  2. Most of it really isn't George Lucas doing the raping. It's a whole bunch of people- just gang-banging your childhood.

  3. JarJar Binks was the straw that broke the Bantha's back!