Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Entry 303: Bebop, Rocksteady, PAKLIS, & You!

If you'd have told me, ten years ago, that I'd someday be working on my eleventh comic about Bebop and Rocksteady, I'd have done a spit take and then laughed openly in your face. And that spit take? Not water, but a sandwich... Because I used to eat sandwiches instead of drinking water. All my moisture was derived from sandwiches.

Also, the emotion behind that spit take wouldn't have had a trace of happiness. I don't know Ninja Turtles. I spent my childhood putting little cars in a fucking perfect little row completely alienated from pop culture. I'm sure there are lots of good Turtle comics, but I wouldn't know. I'm more about carefully arranging small things.

Ben Bates and I are making more Bebop and Rocksteady comics! In 2016 we did the five issue series "BEBOP & ROCKSTEADY DESTROY EVERYTHING!" And back in 2013 we kicked it all off with the one-shot issue in TMNT Villains Micro Series. Now we're working on another five issue series called "BEBOP & ROCKSTEADY HIT THE ROAD" You may think it's a road trip comic but it's actually about them literally punching the road.

When all is said and done, Ben and I will have worked on eleven comics just about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles characters Bebop and Rocksteady... Strange days indeed...
For real though, I feel so lucky that Ben and I have gotten to make a contribution to the TMNT universe with these B&R stories. "Hit the Road" is a natural continuation of what we did in "Destroy Everything." It feels just as wild and fun. I've come to kind of love these guys. They are terrible, terrible guys, but I love them.

This is supposed come out weekly in August.

What else is going on?

I did a variant cover for Jim Zub, Steven Cummings, and Tamra Bonvillain's comic, WAYWARD. Check it out.

Just small things carefully arranged.

This was fun. I find a parade of characters makes something look fun and interesting to me.

In other news:

Don't forget we got the last S.H.I.E.L.D. issues coming in May!

And I'm still working on more PAKLIS. Here are some pages.

Wednesday week she loved me.
Wednesday week never happened at all.

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