Sunday, March 18, 2018

Entry 302: So Venomized

Another VENOMIZED variant cover!

The other Venom cover I did was the one where Ghost Rider is Venomized. You can see that here: Entry 290

This time the idea was to do a classic Venom scene. Now the truth is, I don't know much about Venom. I really wouldn't know any of his classic scenes. So if I had said yes to the job, I'm sure they would have come back at me with a bunch of scenes they thought would work and I'd chose one. But I don't like taking jobs unless I can already see a cool thing to do with it. What if I took the job, they sent me the references, and I just wasn't inspired. So before I took the job I asked my buddy Ben Bates, the only person I know who knows anything about Venom, if he could think of an interesting Venom scene. I was looking for something that wasn't generic, something that could only have happened with Venom. Ben pointed me to this scene from Amazing Spider-Man #300 by the great Todd McFarlane.

I love it. What a specific moment. It's very fun that Venom changed his suit just for this. And the way he intends to kill Spider-Man is pretty unique.

So there you have it. Where would I be without Ben Bates?

By the way, this cover is for All New Wolverine #33. "What?" you say. Yeah. I guess because it's Venom's 30th anniversary they are just sticking Venom covers on everything... I think If I had known, I would have done a Wolverine related Venom scene.

Oh well. Who cares?

Blogged and blogged.

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