Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Entry 279: Blast From the Past- Part 19

Anyone read Warren Ellis' and Cully Hamner's comic "Red"? I haven't, but I did read a little bit of a script for one of the issues, and I drew some sample pages from it.

What you see above is a layout I did based on that "Red" script. In 2003-2004, in my post Wildstorm internship days, when I was still visiting Wildstorm regularly and still trying to get work in comics, I was given this script. I think it was then Wildstorm editor Ben Abernathy who gave me this script and told me to submit it to DC editor Will Dennis.

I drew four pages from that script. The first one I did like this.

I was completely dissatisfied with this. It just didn't look great in pencil. So I decided that I would ink them after that.

To this day I've never read that issue of Red to see how Cully Hamner did this scene.

I did send these pages to Will Dennis and I think I even tried to follow up with a phone call. I got nowhere. This is when I was realizing that my internship at WS hadn't really gotten me much closer to being a professional comic artist. This whole scenario felt exactly like where I was before the internship. It was depressing.

Luckily I had a lot going on during this time. I think I did this while I was still working on The Tenth Circle. If you look back at my recent Blast from the Past entries you'll see I was keeping busy.

And then finally I did break through, all be it in a very small way and it had nothing to do with any of my Wildstorm connections. It was Chris Warner at Dark Horse, who I had been consistently submitting my stuff to over the years who finally had a small fill in job for me. He needed someone to draw 4 half sized pages for an Alien Vs. Predator comic and he needed them done in 2 days. So I did them.

Here are some scans that I've tried to clean up from some real bad photo copies.

Coming through on this small job is what would eventually lead to me working for Dark Horse Comics.

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