Sunday, November 29, 2015

Entry 278: Back to the Future, Ogun, Wolverine, Alabaster, & More

Back in Entry 268 I talked about the mostly frivolous activity of thinking about what I would do if I were to take on an existing property. The Challenge goes something like this: "You have to create a comic book series based on (blank). You can do it however you want. You have total freedom. What is it? What do you do?" I don't go to far with it, just get a rough direction.

Not long ago I asked myself what I would do if I were going to make a Back to the Future comic. I felt it would be best to honor the trilogy completely, and disregard any other material like games and stuff. I came to the conclusion that I would want to do a story focused more on Jennifer, maybe dealing with her family lineage in some way. It could pick up after the events of part III. The Doc is gone. Maybe a future version of Marty shows up and tells Jennifer that she and young Marty need to go somewhere. Then he starts to vanish. He tells her it's okay because it means that she's going to do what he says. When her and young Marty go to the place old Marty told her to go they find Doc's Time Train abandoned and looking like it's been there for decades. There were a lot of sketchy ideas. One of the ideas was 1955 Doc creating a time machine out of a 55 Gullwing Mercedes.

Anyway, I wouldn't have gone much further with the idea than that, and I probably wouldn't have drawn this picture if it hadn't been Back to the Future Day this past October 21. But in honor of Back to the Future Day I decided to sketch this up.

As it turns out, these practices are not so frivolous after all. I am using a little of this in a new project. It isn't a Back to the Future comic but it will involve time travel.

This is a concept drawing of the Wolverine villain, Ogun.

Around the time S.H.I.E.L.D. went on hiatus, when I was wondering what I could do until it came back, I thought I could pitch a Wolverine comic. I worked with my good buddy D.J. Bryant on a story and a pitch.

Obviously, it didn't end up happening, but in the Wolverine story we came up with, Ogun was going to be the central villain. Ogun is a villain in the Wolverine rogues gallery with a lot of untapped potential. This is 2 sketches that I decided to dig up and color just for fun. Here are some sketches of how I wanted to draw Wolverine.

Let's see. What else have I got for you?

I've just finished reading Osamu Tezuka's "Alabaster." I enjoyed it pretty well. It's certainly not one of his better works but it's still better than most comics out there. As expected from Tezuka, it's wildly imaginative and unpredictable. It's a dark story with a lot of bad people in it. The main character is a Dark Man-ish villain who's flesh has been turned partially invisible. His name is Alabaster.

While reading the story I decided to draw Alabaster. He's a pretty nice looking character. This makes my fourth piece of Tezuka fan art.

Currently I have four projects I'm working on. There's Amnia Cycle, there's a project for a publisher that is mostly a writing job (some of you will really like this one), and the other two are short stories, that I haven't decided what I'll be doing with yet.

Here is a character design for one of those stories. I won't say much more about it at this time.

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