Monday, December 22, 2014

Entry 257: Amnia Cycle pages 81 & 82

Chapter 3
Chapter 4

That was a long time to wait for a "but." 

More and more I find myself wanting to transition scenes on a single page. The conventional wisdom is that it is best to change scenes on a page break. Though I do think there are times when changing scenes on a page break IS the best way, I find myself more often trying to change scenes mid-page. It just feels like you are already changing scenes, it is already a little jarring, putting the scene change mid-page joins things together better. You can create smoother transitions. You can have some fun with it, like I'm trying to do here.

Soon I'll be putting up a process post about how I create a page of Amnia Cycle. If you would like to make a comic that looks like this, well I'll show you how.

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