Monday, December 8, 2014

Entry 255: Amnia Cycle page 78

Chapter 3
Chapter 4

Just one page this week?

That's right. This makes up for one of the times I've posted three pages.

So, Crutch is a nice fellow. I think we'll see him again much later down the road. But honestly, if this were a movie, you could probably take this scene out. Although, I've discovered in making this story up as I go, little scenes like these, that may seem inconsequential, can contain in them seeds of things that grow into important story elements.... So, you never know. Plus, I like this scene.

-The name "Crutch" comes from a Guided by Voices song "Crutch Came Slinking".

-"Smugats" is something my daughter, Lucy, started saying recently. From what I can tell, it means "Shit" or "Damn".

-The name "Bloodnut" could be a reference to a number of different things, but for me, it's in reference to hematospermia. I've always found the term Bloodnut to be funny and when I needed a name for a gang I used it.
Most of this stuff is off the top of my head, as you can see. 

-The bit about the Humans "creating" the Nuriel was inspired by a joke Brandon Graham told me about Marvel and D.C.

Anyway, till next week.
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