Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Entry 253: Infinity Gauntlet Teaser + Sag A* Concept Art + Dr. Who & Over the Garden Wall Fan-art

Hey! It's me!

Oh man, it's nice to be doing a blog entry. I've got a bunch of things I've been meaning to post about. So here goes. I'll get a handful of things done here in this entry.

First of all, the image I've posted above. What can I tell you about that?  This is a teaser image for my next Marvel job. It's loosely tied into the big Secret Wars event this next summer (2015). It will be kind of like my Edge of Spider-Verse issue in that it's a tie-in but also it's a self contained story where I'll have a lot of creative freedom. It's called Infinity Gauntlet, and though it has that tittle and marketing has teased it with the old "Infinity Gauntlet" logo, it will not be a re-telling of the old story or anything like that. It will be it's own thing and it will have a lot of me in it. Right now, we're still developing this. The teaser can be thought of as concept art.

Anyway, look for this next summer!

By the way, I colored that piece myself.

In other Marvel news: After I completed S.H.I.E.L.D. I proposed adding an extra 2 page sequence to it. It's like I just couldn't be done with it. I had to make it a little longer. Anyway, they let me do it. So, I finished the last issue of Shield-- AGAIN!

Also, I've got a few Avengers related covers coming up.
This is concept art for Sagittarius A*. 

I'm thinking I might be putting Sag A* on the back burner a bit so that I can focus all my personal work time to Amnia Cycle. I've been working towards getting Amnia ready for a print release. I'm not sure when it will happen but I want to have a lot done before I start putting it out. Maybe aiming for next summer would be good. I could have it released around the same time as Infinity Gauntlet... Is that a good idea? We'll see.

If you aren't familiar-- Sagittarius A* and Amnia Cycle are online comics I've been putting out. You can find them here:

The nice thing about Sag A* is that it's all written. I can return to it at any time. Amnia on the other hand is being written as I go. So letting it linger for too long means I can loose the thread.

What's this? Dr. Who fan-art? Why yes it is. 

Over the last several years now I've been enjoying the modern Dr. Who show and it's prompted me to go back and check out the classic Who. Until recently all I had done was go back and sample episodes from past Doctors. I quickly determined that Tom Baker was the guy I wanted to watch more of. I'd occasionally throw it on while I was working. Eventually I had watched all the Tom Baker episodes available on Netflix, and honestly it was only just starting to click with me. It took me a while to get into what it had to offer. So, not long ago I acquired the entire Tom Baker Dr. Who run and started watching it from the beginning and as you can guess I've become quite a fan of it. I've liked all the actors who have portrayed the Dr. in the modern version, and I've only scene bits of the other classic Dr.s, but I am of the mind that Tom Baker is the ultimate Dr. Who. He's perfect. I could go on, but suffice it to say that Tom Baker Who is my hero.

More fan-art!

I recently watched the animated mini-series-- Over the Garden Wall. I watched it with Lauren and Lucy and it was quite enjoyable. We all had a nice time with it. 

I often get caught up in this feeling that all entertainment is garbage. Most comics, movies, tv shows, books are all garbage. And, really, that isn't wrong. Most entertainment is junk food. That is how it is and has always been. It's a matter of fact. There is no reason that I should get so cynical about it. Getting cynical can keep me from appreciating the few good things there are to appreciate. 

So when I enjoyed this show and I recognized some things in it that I thought were of quality, it was one of those little reminders that I don't have to be cynical. 

The last thing I'll mention, and it's related to my cynicism, is that I joined Twitter!

That's right, I swore I would never do it, but I have. For me it's kind of an experiment. I'm checking it out, seeing if it's for me. It's been a few weeks now and I gotta say... I still don't know what to think of it. At this moment it feels like it's not a thing that I like. I think the spike in my cynicism is directly linked to joining twitter. But I also know that I felt this way about tumblr when I joined that and now... well now I'm just kind of numb to it...

Anyway! haha Follow me on Twitter! 

I'll hopefully be posting some more Amnia soon. Also I'm still going to do a post with a bunch of info on my Edge of Spider-Verse issue.

Till then.

Blogged and blogged


  1. So basically, all those teasers meant to present a high number of one-shots in which the background of the universe that will be inserted in the battlefield of Secret Wars will be showed. Am I right?
    Oh, another Avengers cycle by you would be cool. Any news about that?

    1. You're on the right track. Though, at least Infinity Gauntlet won't be just a one-shot. I can't speak for the other stories, but Infinity Gauntlet will be several issues.
      As for me doing more Avengers- Wouldn't hold your breath. I've never been a big Avengers guy. I tend to like my comics more on the sic-fi side and less on the superhero.
      But, I have done a couple more covers for Avengers.

    2. Maybe you aren't an Avenger guy, but you're pretty good at drawing them!
      Okay, I tried! :D
      Well, I'll wait for Infinity Gauntlet and S.H.I.E.L.D. 5&6 to be released! Which one will come out first?

  2. Dear Mr. Weaver,
    I'd like to make an offer on your original art for the new Infinity Gauntlet #1 cover. Please throw me an email when you get the time. :)