Monday, September 22, 2014

Entry 246: Amnia Cycle pages 67,68,69

Chapter 3
And so begins Chapter 4 of Amnia Cycle.

It feels really good to be getting Amnia pages out again. In this chapter we'll be exploring this new setting and learning about what's going on in the Shadow Zone. Turns out they've got  their own conflict happening. We'll learn something about that strange energy ball that Byzner fell into, and things will get even more strange when Tara tracks down one of the names on her list. 

In other news-- Edge of Spider-Verse #3 is out this week (9/24) I wrote, drew, and colored the whole issue myself. Please check it out. 

Also, for everyone wondering about S.H.I.E.L.D.-- I'm back to working on it now. The last issue is being drawn. As I type this page 14 is on my desk. So, we're close! I've seen colors for the second to last issue. Sonia Oback is back and it's looking great. I'll put together a post with some preview images soon. So check back for that.

New Amnia Cycle pages next Monday.

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  1. Yay! Amnia Cycle is back! Love the dawg house. The design of that doctor is also interesting to me. She has a manga feel (like a lot of your characters these days). Was she inspired by anything in particular?

    1. You know, I don't think she was inspired by anything or anyone. She just kind of happened on the page. That said, more and more I see bits of Lauren in my women. I suppose that isn't surprising. The one thing about that character that is in reference to something is that she wears Astro Boy boots. (They are most visible in the fist shot of her back in chapter 2.
      I look forward to your response to the next few entries.

  2. Been fond of that character's design since you introduced her. Reminds of something that maybe Leiji Matsumoto or Karuo Shintani would have come up with- but I don't think you know the work of those guys. I think it's more that you've been reading so much manga that you've absorbed that sensibility into your bloodstream.

    Yeah, I do see a lot of Lauren in the women you've been drawing over the years. I see Lauren in Tara as well. That's the thing- the women in your life influence the women you draw (and write). It's something I miss about being in a relationship. Being married helped me tremendously in writing and drawing women.